10 Restaurants To Try in Dublin – Volume 1.

I don’t know how it has taken me this long to put a list of restaurants in Dublin together. It’s the first of many, let me tell you! Since I moved home this time last year, I really wanted to try every restaurant that Dublin had to offer. The food and drinks scene in New York was one of my favourite things about the city. I love trying to new places & cuisines, and finding somewhere cool that’s off the beaten track. I hope you like my first set of 10!

10 Restaurants To Try in Dublin

l’Gueuleton – Fade Street

I absolutely adore this French restaurant. The quality of the food is gorgeous, for lunch and dinner. It has a buzzy atmosphere and lot’s of options on the menu. I’d probably dress up a little if I was going here for dinner, but I think casual dress is okay for lunch.

Bouef – South William Street

This is a casual little spot that does really delicious steaks for brilliant value. You order your cut of meat, have it cooked to your preference, and then add your sides and sauces. We ate here in a big group and everyone agreed that it was a winner.

Bunsen – Citywide

I mean, if you know, you know. You really can’t go wrong with Bunsen burgers – I just had to include it in my first restaurant post. It’s seriously casual and then menu is literally just like a business card. The menu is simple – burgers and chips! But they do them perfectly.

Coppinger Row – Off South William Street

This is a really gorgeous and cosy little spot just off South William Street. Their menu has lots to offer and there is always a great buzz. We stopped in for a few nibbles and glasses of wine around the time of the snow storm in March and there was a lovely atmosphere.

The Winding Stair – Lower Ormond Quay

I haven’t been here in a little while but everyone who I have sent since I started recommending it has come back raving about it. The menu probably isn’t suited to fussier eaters, it can sometimes feature some unusual dishes. But if that is what you like, then you need to try it! I really love it and can’t wait to go back.

Dillingers – Ranelagh

Ahhh Dillingers, one of my favourites! Something about this quirky little mexican in Ranelagh gets me back in the door time after time. I’ve been for brunch and dinner and it’s always divine. My absolute favourite dish is the burger, it’s massive so make sure you are hungry! I’ve heard the tacos are equally tasty so I need to get back in to sample them.

Sano Pizza – Temple Bar

Ok, so. We ended up in Sano Pizza when the queue for Pi (below) was down the street. It’s a few minutes walk away and we really didn’t know what to expect. It ended up being delicious, I was so impressed. The only thing I’ll say is that they don’t do any garlic or mayo dips, and I love my dips for the crusts. You could argue that they didn’t really need the dips as the pizza is fab, but still – I’d like the option.

Pi Pizza – George’s Street

The following week after eating in Sano Pizza, I finally got into Pi. I’m going to be brutally honest and compare them against eachother. The vibe and the atmosphere in Pi is really cool, I loved it. They have a choice of dips which is a big plus for me. However, while the pizza was good, I found it so difficult to eat. I love picking up my pizza and eating it with my hands, but I had to eat it with a knife and fork. It just wasn’t the pizza experience I wanted. But it’s really good so I would defintiely recommend going. I would recommend both places and seeing if you agree with me. I prefered the overall experience in Pi, but to me, the pizza is better in Sano. Do you agree?!

777 – George’s Street

You’ll be lucky to get a table in this spot! I’ve been a few times and really like it. It’s good mexican food and a really buzzy atmosphere. The tacos are quite unusual in comparison to your basic tacos, and a little spicy! Everything that I’ve tried has been really good so I would really recommend trying it if you haven’t already. They do cool deals and offers throughout the week so definitely keep that in mind too.

Neon – Camden Street

I couldn’t put this list together without including thai food. Thai has to be up there as one of my favourite cuisines. I just adore noodles and curries! Neon was on our list for a long time, and it did not disappoint! It would be a fab spot if you wanted somewhere for a group meal or a datenight. It’s casual but the food is so good, trust me! You also get a free 99 at the end of your meal – 10/10.

I hope you liked this post, I already have another for next week set to go. I love sharing recommendations for my favourite places & I’ll always be really honest!

Next on my list to try…
  • Kinara
  • The Fumbally
  • Hang Dai
  • Paulie’s Pizza
  • M&L Chinese
  • & many more!

Thank you for reading! Let me know if you try any of these places, or if you have any recommendations for me to try.

Niamh x

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