10 Restaurants To Try in Dublin – Volume 2.

Ok, it’s time for the second instalment of my Restaurants in Dublin series. If you missed the first one, make sure to check it out!

10 Restaurants To Try in Dublin - Volume 2.

La Maison – Between Drury Street & South William Street

This is a gorgeous little authentic French restaurant in the heart of Dublin. The food and wine are top notch & it’s such a delicious treat. The mussels are divine, an absolute must! If you get a nice day in Dublin, nab a seat outside and people watch to your hearts content with a fab meal.


La Bodega – Ranelagh

We tried this tapas restaurant a few weeks ago after weeks of seeing it really busy every time we passed by. I really enjoyed it- I think we went midweek and there was a great atmosphere. There’s a big selection of hot and cold tapas dishes on the menu. We loved all of ours except for one. I’d probably pass on the almond chicken the next time around (it was just a little too sweet for me), but everything else was delicious.


Balfes – Balfe Street (The Westbury)

I LOVE BALFES!!! It’s such a gorgeous spot and I find myself going back over and over. I love going here for breakfast but I’ve also been for small bites & drinks, and every time it’s perfect. I’ve gotten a few questions lately about suitable places to bring a family for graduation dinners, and Balfes keeps coming to mind for me. The standard of food and service is brilliant, and the menu includes something for everyone. It’s straightforward food done right.


Marco Pierre White – Dawson Street

I came here for the first time a few months ago with my parents and we all really enjoyed it. The steak is so tasty, so if you go, definitely try that. The menu has something for everyone, this was another place I would recommend for a family affair.


Terra Madre Cafe – Bachelors Walk

I went here last year for my birthday. I had never heard of it, and just went there based on some really good online reviews. It’s absolutely tiny, and very minimal on the inside. They let the food do all of the talking. It’s authentic Italian and just stunning. We absolutely loved it.


Farmer Browns – Bath Avenue, Rathmines & Clonskeagh

I came here on the recommendations of a few friends. We went to the Rathmines restaurant and it’s a really cosy, family orientated place. I went for the nachos which were delicious, but Conor got the fish & chips, and I had major food envy- they were divine. This place is a safe bet for good comfort food that will fill you up nicely. They have a range of burgers and salads to chose from, as well as more things similar to what we got.


San Lorenzo’s – George’s Street

This is a gorgeous Italian restaurant on George’s Street. I’ve eaten in San Lorenzo’s for dinner, but would love to go for brunch. As far as I know, it books up pretty quickly so make sure to book ahead. Their Brunch of Champions menu literally makes me drool!


Fade Street Social – Fade Street

I love this spot, primarily for drinks to be perfectly honest. It’s in such a perfect location to start a night out, or to go for a casual drink at the weekend. The outdoor area upstairs is always really busy so definitely book an area ahead of time. I’ve eaten here too, and loved it. We ate from the tapas menu and there’s something for everyone, and some dishes that are a little more unusual.


Featherblade – Dawson Street

We ended up in Featherblade a few weeks ago after not getting in to another place. It was one of those places that I kept seeing people going to and I really wanted to see what all of the fuss was about. We really enjoyed our meal, and there was a great atmosphere for a midweek evening. I feel like all restaurants in Dublin are buzzing midweek though so maybe that comment is pointless! Anyway, Featherblade is all about good steaks, without the fuss. The sides are where you really need to pick well, and I’m not sure that I did to be honest. I was trying to be healthy so I went for the broccoli and the rocket salad. I’ve heard that the creamed spinach and the mac n’ cheese are divine. I’ll be opting for them the next time!


One Pico  – Molesworth Place

This is seriously impressive fine dining in Dublin. It’s a gorgeous setting to celebrate a special occasion. It’s definitely a little pricey, but it’s such a treat & the food is excellent.


MASA – Drury Street

Now, this is a funny one and it’s why I left it last. MASA is a new Mexican place that’s opened in the last few months. Any time that I tried to go, I could never get in. When I eventually did, I absolutely loved it…but when I declared my love for this place online, so many people disagreed. A friend of mine went as far as to say that they hated it. I genuinely really enjoyed it though! My guess is that since it is new, there could have been a rocky day or two in the beginning. That’s why I would suggest going for yourself and seeing what you think. It’s really affordable and I love the decor. Personally, I would definitely go back.


Next to try…

Las Tapas De Lola, The Devlin, and everywhere on my previous list. I still haven’t gotten to any of them yet!

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any places that you think are worth trying, please let me know!

Niamh xx

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