10 Ways *to Make Sure You Never Miss a Workout Again*

I for one get so mad at myself when I give in to temptation and skip the gym. However, with Summer right around the corner, I thought it might be useful to share some tips and tricks to make sure you never miss a workout again! 

I shared a post similar to this in the New Year, about ways to stick to your fitness plan and staying motivated, but this post is more about the every day hacks to trade in your lazy ways for more active solutions.

1. Switch up your commute – Whether it’s getting off the bus/subway a stop early, or just skipping it entirely, this is one adjustment that I feel really changes my day. I go to the gym every morning before work and now I’m walking instead of taking the subway each morning. It’s a 40 minute walk compared to a 10 minute subway but it’s my form of fasted cardio in the morning and is my time for phoning home. I’m by no means power walking either, but I am noticing a big difference in my body with the added exercise, and my mood with avoiding the cramped subway in the mornings.

2. Set an earlier alarm – my “out-the-door” time is 6.30AM, but I don’t think I’ve ever left before 6.45AM. I’m starting to set earlier alarms now to allow myself the inevitable snooze time!

3. Workout at work – This may seem a bit extreme, but my office chair is really uncomfortable, and was really starting to hurt my back. You may have seen on my Snapchat (niamhos21) a few weeks ago, that I invested in an exercise balance ball for my chair. This is so good for strengthening my core and back muscles. I got it on Amazon, and for the price, it was such a good investment!

4. Multitask – I don’t know how I missed this, but I only just realized this weekend that the podcast app on my phone has loads of different (& free) podcasts sitting there ready to be listened to! For anyone who hasn’t listened to Serial, it should be number 1 on your list to listen to. Having this in your ear while you workout is definitely a great distraction from the pain! I’ve also started watching Snapchat stories while on the treadmill, it stops me wasting time in bed first thing in the morning!

5. Get a buddy – If you make sure that someone else in relying on you to join them for a workout, then there definitely is no backing out! Erika and I used to go for 6.30AM sprints in Central Park before Christmas, and when I woke up to my alarm telling me that it was time to go, I really couldn’t back out and leave her to go alone. However, if I knew it was going to be just me running around in the cold, I would most definitely have kept pressing snooze!

6. Do something while you binge on Netflix – I remember when I first got hooked on Game of Thrones, I literally did not leave my house for 2 days (it’s SO GOOD!!!). I literally felt like a sloth because I was being so lazy. I started stretching on my bedroom floor while I was watching, or doing leg raises if I was feeling really adventurous. I’m obviously not saying that this is classified as a substantial workout, but hey, it’s better than nothing!

7. Take the stairs – This is a real test of how lazy you are. You have a split second – left or right, stairs or escalator. Take the stairs and you’ll thank yourself later! It’s the little wins that will remind you that you’re well able to achieve your goals. And remember, with every stair you’re one step closer to your goal body! 🙂

8. Always have a sample workout in your phone that you can do anywhere – You’re far more likely to actually go to the gym, or just workout at home, if you have a plan set ahead of time. I’m currently working away with my plan from my trainer Kev, but I know if I didn’t have that, then I would probably just skip it altogether for fear of wasting time and looking clueless in the gym. Whether it’s a workout that you found online or even some Instagram videos from your favorite fitness influencer, having something on hand will motivate you to get busy!

9. Make a schedule – Working your gym time into your weekly schedule is a no-brainer if you are trying to make sure you will fit it in. Schedule in your days and times and be strict with it. You have to make the gym a necessity and not an option.

10. Be one of those people who live in their gym gear – During the week, I have my set routine of working out before work. But at the weekends, if I get dressed into my Sunday best first thing in the morning, there is not a chance I’ll end up doing some exercise. Getting up and into your gym clothes, has to make you more likely to be more active, doesn’t it?! I live in my gym clothes, and I think that they can look really good too! I shot the look for this post with Edelle last weekend, and stayed in this outfit afterwards. I got a workout in, and was seriously comfy all morning! My jacket and scarf are from Zara, my pants are Nike, and my runners are the new Nike Fly Knits 5.0 (in love!)

I hope this helps at least one person, every little adjustment counts! Enjoy the rest of your week!

Niamh x

PS. Did you see me featured on Lovin Dublin this week? SO happy! 🙂

Photos by Edelle Kenny

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