11 Tips for Shopping Wisely This Black Friday & Cyber Week

Cyber week is officially upon us. The internet is littered with unmissable deals and savings, it’s almost overwhelming! The thoughts of missing a good bargain and paying full price later on sends me into panic mode. It truly is the most expensive time of the year, so extra spending never feels logical. But- if you approach this week and all of the sales in the right way, you can really work them to your advantage.

11 Tips for Shopping Wisely This Black Friday & Cyber Week

Here are my 11 tips for navigating through the sales and making the most of them.


I’m telling you now that there will be about 4 million discount codes and affiliate links fired at you from every angle this week. Resist the temptation to buy on the spot. Do you really need 40 new “going-out-out” tops? No!


Plan ahead

Following on from my previous point, the most obvious and fool proof way to make it through the sales with everything you need in your basket, and everything that you don’t need left behind, is to plan. Make a list of the things that you genuinely need this year…for yourself, for gifts – upcoming and down the line. More on this below.



Don’t buy one thing until you work out how much you can actually afford to spend this month. Christmas is right around the corner and it’s easy to forget how expensive it can be when we get caught up in the sales.


Don’t forget about other categories

I feel like the major emphasis is on clothes when it comes to the sales online. But in reality, there are savings to be made across so many different categories. Supplements, beauty products, appliances, and tech gadgets are all going to be on offer too. So make a plan of what you’re going to spend across each category and stick to it.


Tell your parents…

…Or any of the older generation who are still not as quick with the internet as us millenials. The online sales can be daunting for anyone but especially people who aren’t as comfortable navigating through them. Lend a helping hand to those who need it, and let everyone get a slice of the savings.


Avoid the bad brands, go for ethical brands where possible

This is a personal pain point for me, as I’ve become so aware over the last few months about the whole Fast Fashion topic. Please, please, please avoid the brands who are selling clothes for under a tenner, someone along the supply chain is paying when you get something for as cheap as that. Where possible, shop ethically or from brands with a higher price point but provide a lost lasting piece of clothing in return.



Remember the 30 wears rule before you buy anything… Your clothes should be versatile and compliment other items in your wardrobe if you are genuinely going to get plenty of wear out of them.


Try on ahead of time

If you want to be really organised, get into town this week or down to the shops and figure out your sizing for key items you plan on purchasing. I’ve done this for one of the pieces that I plan on investing in this week. More on that in this post.


Foresee the big spending moments in the next year

Ok, this is important. Say for example, your mum is turning 60 next year, or your sister is turning 21… Buy the big presents now while you can make big savings. I promise you that you will thank yourself later.


Don’t forget about the little guys

One thing to remember this sales season, is that a lot of smaller businesses simply can’t afford to give you the same savings as the bigger guys. I saw someone posting on social media during the week saying “every time you purchase from a small business, someone does a happy dance”. This is so important to remember- there are genuine and hard working people behind small businesses who need our support. Where possible, please consider buying from them instead.


Buy in bulk

I’m going to end on this point to wrap up the post, as it echoes my post last week about going green this Christmas season. Where possible, buy in bulk from the same retailer during the sales. This will save massively on packaging and the environmental impact which will be huge this week, unfortunately.

I really hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful! Happy shopping this week!

Niamh xx

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