12 Ways to Make Your Home More Eco Friendly

Hello & happy Monday! I’m trying not to panic as we are almost half way through September…but anyway! I wanted to start the week with a little education-y post. I’ve spoken about this subject before, but I definitely want to keep the eco friendly conversation going on the blog.

I think we’ve all seen the shocking images of plastic in the ocean, where certain items come in contact with animals and wildlife that absolutely should not. The affects that some household products have on the planet is insane, so we should be doing everything we can to pull our weight and try to make small changes.

Eco Friendly House

Products to use less of, and what to use instead of them:

Cotton Buds – I had to include this really famous image of the baby sea-horse with the cotton bud. There are eco friendly versions of these with bamboo stick instead of plastic and they are much better for the environment and easy to dispose of safely. These ones from Little Green Shop are 100% biodegradable and can be disposed of in a compost bin.

Cling Film – This is something that is probably in a drawer in every house. There really is no need for it though when so many lunch boxes or reusable containers have lots of different shapes and compartments for keeping things separate. (If you’re using it to keep a sandwich together, for example). Check out this one from Debenhams.

Make Up Wipes – or any wet wipes for that matter. Even brands that claim to be flushable are much harder to decompose than regular tissue that is flushed. Obviously certain situations mean that wet wipes are an essential item but f you’re using them to remove make up, the Cleanse Off Mitt by The Skin Nerd is far more eco-friendly.

Kitchen Paper – Reusable cloths that can be thrown into the washing machine when needs be are a lot more eco friendly.

Plastic Bags – This one goes without saying but I threw it in for good measure because you can never remind people enough to keep reusable grocery bags in the boot of their cars and at home.

Batteries – Batteries are really tough to dispose of if you don’t do it correctly. Sub the normal ones out and start using rechargeable batteries that will be a lot better for the environment.

Disposable Razors – I don’t think I’ve ever used a disposable razor, so I was so surprised to see that they are a huge problem when it comes to recycling. Reusable razors are a lot friendly on your wallet (you won’t need to replace them as often as you think), your skin (a lot of reusable heads are coated with moisturising pads), and the environment (you’ll just dispose of less). Definitely opt for these ones, I use them and you can get them in Boots and lots of other places. They last so long.

Bin Bags – When I was researching for this blog post I stumbled across compostable bin bags. We have a special compost bin in our house that doesn’t need bags, but sub these in instead of regular bin bags to be a lot more eco friendly.

Straws – I got a few metal straws at the beginning of the summer and they’re great to have in the house if someone is having a drink or an iced coffee. Ten million times better for the environment than plastic straws. Pick some up here.

Soaps – I didn’t realise that soaps that are high in chemicals are actually really harmful when they end up in the ocean. Organic & natural versions of your favourite soaps would be much better to have in your home.

Toothpastes & Exfoliators – So many toothpastes have tiny plastic micro-beads in them which are a leading cause in the increase of plastic in the ocean. They are too tiny to catch in filters so if you can, opt for organic and natural versions of these products too.

Coffee Capsules – You might remember me talking about this on my Instagram stories a few weeks ago. If you’re a Nespresso user, you might not know but you can save all of your Nespresso pods and they can be used to create new coffee machines. Next time you’re ordering your capsules online or picking them up in a shop, ask for a recycling bag and they’ll provide some for free. You can then drop it back when it’s full into your local boutique or else they can be collected from your home when you order online. It’s brilliant! Get all of the info here.

Eco Friendly House

Thanks for reading, and have a great week!

Niamh x

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