2019 Goals, Resolutions & Bucket List

I have been so excited for this post. I adore making lists, taking stock of how I feel and thinking about what I want to do next. The new year is such a great time to do this, it’s almost like a natural instinct. Below are a few of my goals, resolutions and my bucket list. Whether I stick to them, or even remember that I did this post might be a different story in a few months, but the intent is there!

2019 Goals, Resolutions & Bucket List


Learn how to make white bread.

Learn how to make pasta from scratch.

Touch my toes. I say this every year and I’m still barely past my shins!

Make it to 2020 in full health, and even healthier if possible.

Travel more.

Laugh more.

Get my top-secret-super-annoying business off the ground. (Sorry I’ve been such a pain in the hoop with this, it’s coming soon, it just takes so so so long to get it right!)

Save a chunk of money for my own place. 2020 is my year, I’m putting it out into the universe right now. **please happen!**

Try and get a frame-worthy photo of Harry showing all of his teeth when he greets people. (Harry is my dog btw)

Transform the storage room in our attic into my office (this is underway and it’s looking SWELL).

Mayyyybe start practising my French again.

Grow my blog and social channels in the same authentic way and hopefully work with more incredible brands this year.

Continue to talk about important topics that are so interesting to me and for the greater good.

Work closely with a certain charity, watch this space…



Stop procrastinating. (It’s the 6th of Jan and this post was supposed to go up on the 1st, I’m off to a chronic start)

Stop allowing strangers on the internet define my day, either through an annoying message or something people are saying online.

Learn how to stop being so loose with my money….

Start prioritising what I actually want to do with my time. Who I spend that time with is also just as important.

Limit mindless-scrolling-screen-time.

Stop assuming that someone hates me or has died if they don’t text me back straight away. I saw this on Caroline Foran’s story the other day and I’ve never related to something more!

Prioritise sleep.

Make more time for movies and books.


2019 Goals, Resolutions & Bucket List


Bucket List for 2019 and beyond


Rocky Mountain road trip – Colorado, Vancouver, Portland, Seattle etc (not in that order)

A long weekend in Paris in the summer

Somewhere in the Carribbean, I’m not fussy. ANYWHERE will do.

A road trip through Montenegro and Croatia

Sri Lanka


Lake Garda

Japan for cherry blossom

Amsterdam when the tulips are in bloom

Go wine tasting

Visit Donegal

Explore Kerry

Drive the Wild Atlantic Way

& last but probably the most important….plan a WHOPPER girls trip!

2019 Goals, Resolutions & Bucket List

I love writing lists just as much as I love reading them. So if you are the same, I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe even felt a little inspired about what you want to do or achieve this year.

I hope 2019 is wonderful for you!

Niamh xx

*These photos were taken on my Samsung Note9 and edited in Lightroom. I’m delighted to be continuing my Samsung Ambassadorship into 2019. <3

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