3 Summer Style Looks

I was so excited to team up with Primark while I was away in Greece. We thought it would be a cool idea to bring 3 different summer looks that you can shop too in time for your holidays. 

I picked up everything you’re seeing here in Penney’s in Newbridge the day before I left for Greece. I was so glad I made the trip over, because I ended up wearing these pieces again and again. You just can’t go wrong with Primark when the prices are so right, and the pieces are just perfect to suit so many different styles, shapes and sizes.

Maxi Dress: I always find it so tough with maxi dresses because I’m 5’9 and everything is always grazing my ankles which is never a good look! This maxi has adjustable straps and it’s so light. So very handy for packing and in the heat – love it!

3 Summer Looks - with Primark

Swimwear: I couldn’t get over the quality of the swimwear that I picked up, they felt so premium! I love bikinis for the start of the holiday & one pieces for when I’ve already indulged and am feeling a bit fluffy towards the end. This one piece was so thick and sucked me right in, I was loving the colours too!

3 Summer Looks - with Primark

My black bikini had a gorgeous ribbed detail to it, and the frills made it much more exciting than your typical black two-piece. I adore frills around the hips, it’s an area that so many girls are self conscious of, so having the detailing is great to distract the attention on this part of your body if you want/need to.

3 Summer Looks - with Primark

Anyway, let me know if you’ve picked up any of these pieces or if you plan on doing so! And a big thank you to Primark for collaborating with me on this post. <3

Lots of love,

Niamh xx

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3 Summer Looks - with Primark

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