5 Happiness Hacks

Hi Guys, I’m back with another Wellness Wednesday post. I was blown away by the response to last week’s one, so thank you so much if you took the time out to have a read. This week will be a little shorter and more light hearted but just as important in my opinion: 5 happiness hacks. 

It’s easy to focus on the bad things that happen each day, but I’ve personally found that dwelling on the negative is a viscous cycle. It’s as if nothing will go your way when all you can think about is negative things. Here are a few ‘happiness hacks’ to help you try and shake it off the next time you find yourself in a funk.

Gratitude list: Write down all of the things you are grateful for in life in the notes on your phone. Then, on a daily basis, write down all of the tiny good things that happen each day. Simple things like finding a parking space, or remembering a funny memory – anything at all that isn’t negative. These are really nice to look back through when you’re having a particularly rough day, and it’s a good habit to get into to make sure you appreciate everything.

Treat yo-self: Be it a piece of clothing or even just dedicating a night to chilling in front of the fire with a good movie, every week you should be making sure you’re making yourself happy at least once.

Set goals: I find that this is a great way to cheer me up, weird and all as it sounds. Something about making a list and realigning your focus is just kind of motivating to me. Definitely a mood lifter.

Keep it clean: Not only do I find cleaning and tidying therapeutic, but it’s also so much easier to think straight if your surroundings are in order.

Consider a four-legged friend or spend some quality time yours: Call me biased, but nothing cheers me up like spending quality time with my dogs. Their love is quite literally unconditional and you can’t deny how amazing their welcome is every time you come in the door.

Hope you liked this quick post!

Niamh xx


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