5 Reasons & 5 Ways to Slow Down

This week turned out to be a quiet one so far for me in terms of events and the amount of time I had to spend in Dublin. I don’t think I realised how much I needed that until just now. I mentioned last night on my Insta-stories how I haven’t been sleeping well at all lately. I’d say it’s been about 6 weeks since I slept the full night through. I attribute my lack of sleep fully to not being able to switch off, and slow down.

I wanted to put this post together for two reasons.

1. To try and ingrain it into my mind why and how to slow down.

2. To share my thoughts on the topic with anyone else who might be able to relate.

5 Reasons & 5 Ways to Slow Down

5 Reasons to slow down

Physical health

Sometimes we need a breather. I think when you feel so young, you can kind of take your health for granted. We start to feel invincible and as though we can do it all. But we can’t. We all need a certain amount of solid sleep, a certain amount of rest and of course, exercise. These things can only be achieved by taking a step back from busy schedules and making time for them.

Mental health

These days, everything is so instant and quick. Our eyes are spent on screens for so much of our day. When we find ourselves online, looking at other peoples lives, or their highlight reel, it defintiely isn’t good for us mentally. Comparison is the thief of all joy, and it’s just inevitable to start comparing yourself to others online, even when we try not to. Taking a step back and acknowledging this is so important for our mental health.


Sometimes we need to just slow down and pause, in order to have full and total clarity on a situation. If something goes wrong in life, it’s so easy to overreact or react in the wrong way when you don’t have full clarity on a given situation. Taking a step back, gathering your thoughts on something, and gaining actual clarity is the best way to tackle the problems that life throws at you.


It’s important to give yourself the best opportunity to see something through to the best of your ability. Slowing down on a certain project or task, whatever it may be, will defintiely give you the best chance to peform as best you can.


There is plenty of it, for whatever we want to achieve. I personally find myself constantly rushing and putting myself under huge pressure to get things done, when there is no need. Maybe it’s just the nature of the work that I do, that I feel a sense of urgency to constantly be doing something. Sometimes I will blink and it feels like a week has passed me by and I’ve been chasing my tail. I hate that feeling so much. I’m making a conscious effort to slow down now, because we have our whole lives to achieve our goals.


Ok, so it’s all well and good me telling you why you need to slow down, but it’s probably more important to know how to do so. Last month I was lucky enough to spend some time in Amsterdam with the team from Rituals, at their annual Slow Down Sessions. They taught us so many different ways to take a step back, and of course how their products can help. Their whole ethos is about slowing down, and all of their products are inspired by ancient traditions that originate in Asia. They really encourage people to create moments around their products, and to develop their own perosnal rituals to evoke happiness in the simple things. It really is all about slowing down and taking a minute for yourself.


5 Ways to slow down

Schedule sleep

This sounds a bit ridiculous, but I’m just speaking from personal experience on this point. I can’t even say how many times I’ve lost track of time in the evenings when I’ve had a really early start time the next day. There is nothing worse than going to bed and realising that you have about 4 hours to get a good snooze in. I guess it all comes down to organisation, and sometimes it can’t be avoided…but I would highly suggest getting into a routine for bedtime, and aiming for at least 6-8 hours a night. I also find that sticking to a bedtime at the weekends is key. Is it obvious that I’m a bit of a hermit?! Like I mentiond above, I have a slight issue with sleeping the full night, but I’m currently using the Ritual of Dao Relaxing Serum to try and help me with that.

5 Reasons & 5 Ways to Slow Down


This is still something that I am trying to get the hang of, and to be honest, rather unsuccessfully. I don’t know when I started to realise how distracted and agitated I am ALL THE TIME. Sometimes I feel like I’ve always been this way, but I know that I haven’t. I really feel like my phone and social media has something to do with it. If you are the same, I would suggest trying mindfulness or meditation as a way to slow down your mind and allow it to take a breather.

Cleaning & tidying

Nothing makes me feel better, and dare I say it, “zen” than cleaning and feeling organised. I really feel like no movie or walk will help me to detach like a good cleaning spree will. I think it’s something about concentrating on something, and getting that sense of achievement when something ends up sparkling.

Hot showers

Rituals Sakura shower oil and their foaming body wash is SO luxurious. I am telling you right now that you will not regret purchasing it if you do. The scent of these products and how they feel on your skin is so gorgeous. Enjoy them with a hot shower and it will totally calm you down, I promise!

5 Reasons & 5 Ways to Slow Down


Scheduling some pamper time for yourself at least twice a week is imperative in my opinion. We all have so much going on that using body oils, creams, masks, and other lavish products as a treat is key. I’ve started trying to stop “saving the good products” and just start using them as I have them. There’s no point in saving them for a day that will probably never come. Now is as good a time as any.

5 Reasons & 5 Ways to Slow Down

I really hope that you liked this post and found it useful. I got the idea to put it together while I was away in Amsterdam trying and failing to slow down. It took me until now to really get my head around why it’s so important. I also hope I’ve inspired you to get yourself into a Rituals store/stockist and try their products for yourself. This is in no way sponsored, I just really love these products, and admire what this brand is doing right now. I also have so much respect for them as they are a very eco-friendly brand and every last bit of their packaging is recyclable and some parts are even compostable. More on this in my next Brands That Care post!

Thanks for reading,

Niamh x


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