5 Ways I’m Trying to be Healthier

Hi Guys! I hope that everyone had a great week so far! I took Monday off and will be taking this coming off work too, just because. I’m making a really conscious effort to listen to my body and my mind lately to try and feel a little less stressed every day. I’m going to talk about a few ways, like this, that I’m trying to stay healthier these days. 

I hate throwing around the word stress when I really don’t have any huge things to be worrying about. In saying that, I work full time as a social media manager so this can be a tad overwhelming at times, when I’m forced to be on my phone all day every day. It’s a very in-the-moment industry so a lot of the time, there will be a number of things that are a priority. This can be a lot when you just want to go home and sleep at 7pm every day (yes, I act like I’m 90 years old a lot of the time).

Take time out

Holiday days are VERY limited in the US, and I wish I could use all of mine to travel. However, I decided to take two days off (last Monday and this Monday) to do absolutely nothing and just sit on my couch. I’m trying to regain some sort of normal sleeping routine and just chill out. I’m very excited! 


My secret weapon when it comes to sleeping in New York (it’s very rare to get a good nights sleep) is Melatonin. This is something that I picked up in the pharmacy here in New York and is basically a herbal supplement which helps you nod off. I cannot recommend it enough for those nights that you just want to sleep the whole way through. DEFINITELY clear using this with your doctor though before you start, everyone is different so what works for me and what fits into my routine, might not be the same for you.

Balanced and regular meals

I’m still working off my meal plan from Recalibrated Bodies and one huge change that I’ve made lately is making time to eat my breakfast at home in the mornings. Before, I would usually just grab something on the way to work which would be totally rushed and I would always eat at my desk. When I feel stressed in work, eating “al-desko” is never the answer. 

Don’t slip on the exercise

The first thing to always slip up for me when I feel overwhelmed is the gym. I always tell myself that sleep is more important, which is true, but not every single morning and evening. I always have more energy when I exercise so forcing myself to do it is always a good idea.  

Snack right

My go-to snack these days is a small tub of Fage yoghurt, covered in berries, almond butter and MyProtein flavor drops. My office is full of Nature Valley Bars and Doritos but it’s just never worth it – my skin hates bad food so I literally instantly break out. Sticking to foods like this keeps me feeling good about myself and takes away the worry that I’m going to break out from bad food. Win, win!

I hope that you enjoyed this quick little tips post! Have a great weekend.

Niamh xx

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  1. Debbie Bridges
    May 5, 2017 / 5:36 pm

    Fab post Niamh 😘

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