How to Beat the Blues

Hello and welcome back to my usual Wellness Wednesday slot! Given the week that’s in it with Blue Monday, I thought that a post all about how to beat the blues was appropriate.

I don’t know about you, but I am finding January to be such a slow and bleak month. There’s barely any daylight, the weather is chronic, and everyone seems to be hibernating. This is the first January in 3 years that I’m not in New York so I guess I kind of forgot what it’s like to be in Ireland when it isn’t for a quick visit or around an exciting time.

I think it’s also the first proper time that I’m really starting to miss the excitement and the buzz of New York, although I’m constantly reminding myself what it felt like when I lived there and that brings me back down to earth. The grass is always greener! But I still am adamant that coming home was the right decision for me.

I decided to put a few things in a list for you to consider the next time you find yourself feeling bluesy.

Be strict and ruthless with your time

We are all guilty of spending far too much time either on things that aren’t our priority or else with people who don’t matter. I don’t even want to know how much mindless scrolling I do on Instagram each week, when I could be putting my time and energy into something productive and beneficial for myself.

Tidy up

Nothing ground breaking here, but it doesn’t hurt to remind yourself that tidy surroundings lead to a tidy and a far less cluttered mind.

Decide that this is your time for specific things, and own it

Since January is such a lull and a quiet time of the year, you should assert yourself and decide that this is your month or your week for whatever it is that you’ve been putting off. Maybe it’s reading more books or starting a new hobby. Decide on it, and then follow through.

Open your curtains & let the air in

It’s getting dark at 4pm, and it’s baltic outside. I hate this time of the year when there is minimal natural light and fresh air in our homes. I know that leaving the windows open for me will lead to frost bite but it’s so refreshing to let the air into your space and open the curtains first thing in the morning, even if it is incredibly dull out.

Don’t sweat the petty stuff

While this is definitely the month for resolutions and goals and all that jazz, failing to meet the standards that you set for yourself might result in serious bouts of stress. Whenever I feel overwhelmed or as though I’m not hitting my goals, I always ask myself whether or not I’ll remember this problem in 5 years…if not, then I try not to spend more than 5 minutes worrying about it. Simples!


Needless to say, exercising is always one way to cure a bad blues day.

Plan your holidays

Nothing gets me excited and helps me to beat the blues like holiday dreaming and planning. Get yourself onto Pinterest and start setting your sights on the summer and the sun! It’ll also give you that extra motivation to get yourself into the gym and start working on that summer bod!

Make sure that you have things to look forward to

Like I mentioned before, everyone seems to be hibernating for January. My last way to beat the blues is to try and encourage your friends and family to make plans during the week. Zero fun from Monday to Thursday is not good for anyone. I think that’s what makes New York so much fun – it’s not unusual to go out for drinks on a Monday night. No matter what your idea of fun is, try and incorporate it into your week so that you’re not wishing your days away until Friday.

I do hope that this post helped you if you find it hard to beat the blues. Apologies about the delay – my website was acting up this week but I think it’s finally behaving itself again now!

See you tomorrow!

Niamh xx

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