A Cosy & Cashmere Christmas – Marks & Spencer

A Cosy & Cashmere Christmas - Marks & Spencer

You’ll know by now that I’m working with Marks & Spencer across their food & fashion categories, which to me is the best way ever to finish out a working year. I adore everything about Marks & Spencer, their products and even more so what they stand for.

I’m a winter baby through and through, and each day, my main goal with my outfits is always comfort first and foremost. This means that cashmere is a serious staple in my knitwear collection, I have some gorgeous pieces built up. Nothing irritates me more than my winter woolies turning raggy and limp. I promise you that it’s worth investing into cashmere and especially good brands. I’ve spoken before about how longterm and well thought out Marks & Spencer’s fashion plans are. Each product is shown as much attention as it needs to ensure that consumers are getting exactly what they expect and deserve.

My polo in these photos is one a cashmere knit from Marks & Spencer. It’s true to size, incredibly soft, fine yet still feels so luxurious. You can shop it here.

A Cosy & Cashmere Christmas - Marks & Spencer

I really hope you enjoy my favourite cosy and cashmere picks from the Marks & Spencer website, happy shopping!

Niamh xx

A Cosy & Cashmere Christmas - Marks & Spencer

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