Beach Workout With Fiji Water

Wow, it’s been quite some time since my last post! I hope everyone is having a great week so far…

I definitely want to check in a lot more regularly on the blog but summer is probably the busiest season in New York. My apartment has no windows in the living room so I genuinely can’t stay sitting there when the weather is good…the guilt is too much! I have so many plans to try and make the most of the next few months too, so I’m really excited!

Last weekend a big group of us headed out to The Hamptons to kick off the summer and it was one of my favorite weekends since I moved here. On the Saturday morning, Erika, Kaelin and I headed out to one of the beaches in Saag Harbour to do a quick morning workout to make some room for the food and drinks that were going to be enjoyed that evening. We used our Fiji water bottles¬†throughout the workout and they were so handy…we used them both as light weights to help us make the workout more challenging, and also to keep us hydrated throughout. This is a great workout hack if you ever feel like you need to step up your workout, but might not have the right equipment to do so.

Summer’s in New York are so different to home, in more ways than one, but right now I’m talking about the heat and the humidity. Staying hydrated is so important, especially when working out outdoors. Having our Fiji bottles were our saving grace that morning! I notice such a difference in my energy levels, mood, and my skin when I’m dehydrated so the first thing to go into my bag every morning is a large bottle of water!

I’ve documented the whole workout and listed all of the exercises in the description box below the video.¬†If you haven’t already, I would be so grateful if you could subscribe to my YouTube channel. That way, if you ever miss me sharing it somewhere on social media, the direct link to any new videos will land right in your inbox.

Have a great weekend,

Niamh x

Also, a huge thank you to Fiji Water for sponsoring this YouTube video, and looking after us with lots of water and snacks throughout the weekend.

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