Best Restaurants on the Upper East Side

I am proud to announce that I have successfully eaten my way through the Upper East Side (insert smug sunglasses emoji). I’m putting my recent success down to laziness, my tiny kitchen and the Winter for not allowing me to venture further than a quick walk from our apartment. I’m hoping to span my wings across the rest city over the Summer. 

Living on the Upper East Side as a classic millennial (“basic bitch”) is the dream. You have The Met only a stones throw away to reenact your favorite Gossip Girl moments, Central Park to help you get the perfect Instagram of a sunset over the reservoir, and one of the best restaurant and nightlife scenes in the city. Lets not waste anymore time and I’ll get right into the best restaurants on the Upper East Side, in my opinion.

In no particular order… (because my favorite changes depending on my mood and the weather)

  1. Om (Indian) – first on the list because it’s the closest to my apartment. A total walking distance of about 7 seconds. This is a top notch Indian restaurant. It’s pretty tiny and isn’t all that glamorous, but the food and the staff seriously are 10 out of 10. My favorite dishes are the shrimp biriani and the shrimp saag. My boyfriend Conor keeps going back to the good ole chicken tikka so it must be a winner too. I also regularly get the Samosa appetizer and it never disappoints. Also, one time while waiting for my take out, they gave me a Mango Lassi (a classic indian smoothie) on the house and it literally made my week!
  2. Haru (Japanese) – The best sushi in town – fact! The food in this place is as beautiful as the restaurant. I cannot wait for Summer to sit outside and enjoy this, or even inside – the whole place is really airy and they have massive shutters that open out into the street.
  3. Up Thai (Thai, obviously) – The curries in here warmed my belly throughout the winter. My first experience was I a pad thai take out which I thought was waaaay too small so I didn’t return for a while. But when I did, I was so angry that I had spent so long missing out. I think I just got unlucky that first time. The portions are generous, it’s incredibly affordable, and the restaurant is so pretty and cosy.
  4. San Matteo (Italian) – If you want a proper Italian pizza, this is your go-to. I cannot describe how good it is! I only got a taste of it because Conor ordered it, and that day I went for a salad. The salad was so satisfying and fresh too though – winner alright!
  5. Boqueria (Spanish – tapas) – The wifi password is “Nutella Churros” so naturally you absolutely need to try them, they are incredible. This place has a really great atmosphere and is always so busy, which is the number one tell tale sign of a good restaurant. Another one of my favorite dishes is the Spanish Omelette… I’m drooling.
  6. Five Mile Stone – This is a bopping Irish bar, complete with it’s own balcony to enjoy during the Summer. You may have already seen this place on my Snapchat, it honestly has the best fish & chips that I’ve ever tried in New York. The chips are seasoned in salt, pepper & rosemary and it’s a portion big enough to feed a family of four but who cares, if it’s comfort food you want, then this is where you need to be.
  7. Calexico (Mexican) – The perfect spot to people watch if you get a seat in one of their booth seats. It’s always so busy in here so you might have to wait for a table but it’s honestly worth it! Fajitas are a must & the cocktails are nice and strong!

There definitely are a few more that I find myself returning to, but just are not my favorites at the moment… The likes of Uva, Vella, & The Writing Room.

The next few on my list to try are Pizza Beach, Hu, Sweetgreen (just opening today or tomorrow I think), Flex Mussels, Pil Pil, La Pulperia and last but not least Erminia. Erminia is literally so close to my apartment it’s a joke, I can’t believe that we haven’t gone yet. We always spot older couples getting out of taxis and heading straight in, which to me is the best sign – if people are willing to travel to get to it then it has to be worth it.

Finishing off with dessert… My go-to sweet treats are 16 Handles & Pink Berry for Fro-Yo, Insomnia for freshly bakes Cookies, and Bonjour Crepes & Wine for Nutella crepes – divine!

Like I mentioned in my last post, my friend Clodagh is currently visiting for the next few days. I’m going into full on tourist mode so make sure you’re following along on Snapchat (@niamhos21) and Instagram (@niamh_osullivan) for more regular snaps!

Have a great weekend,

Niamh x

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