Blue Light – What You Need To Know

You know when you hear mumblings about something for a really long time, and then all of a sudden it feels as though it has exploded?! I’ve spent more time than I can keep track lately of deep diving into the subject of blue light. I was first introduced to the entire topic last summer, when I met with a beauty brand who were investing heavily into technologies and formulas to protect our skin against it. In the last week alone, I’ve seen at least 5 different people who I follow online chatting about blue light and the importance of blue block glasses.

I won’t lie, I was a little skeptical initially – it was all just a little too new for me when I first learned about it. However, after doing my research, I’ve come to the “better safe than sorry” conclusion. There’s definitely supporting evidence out there to suggest that the blue light given off from our phones can be potentially harmful. On the other hand, there’s a lot of articles out there questioning it too.

Our phones are suggesting we turn a blue light filter on later in the day when our eyes become tired and it’s time to wind down. Make up brands like Bare Minerals are investing in technologies that can protect our skin against these rays. All in all, it doesn’t feel like something that we should be ignoring. There has never been a generation before us that has spent as much time in front of screens – be it on our phones, computers or TV. I know I literally spend my days between my phone and laptop. For this reason, I feel as though I personally want to try and protect myself from any potential harm that we could be doing, without knowing the long term affects.

What is it?

Blue light is the rays emitted off the monitor and screens of smartphones, computers, and tablets that strain your eyes by causing strain on the visual system.

I guess it makes sense that if it is believed that this could be harmful to our skin, of course then it must have some sort of an affect on our eyes. As the digital generation, we are all too aware of how much time we spend on our phones, online, and just in front of screens in general.

What do the glasses do?

Henshaw Blue Block glasses protect your eyes from the effects of blue light with bespoke plano lenses. These lenses have been proven to reduce the effects of blue light so you can binge on Netflix or scroll on Instagram whilst protecting your eyes. You’ll notice if you put the glasses up against white material, that there is a slight yellow tinge to them, which counteracts the blue rays. I only noticed when the sun was shining in on my glasses when I left them down. I didn’t and don’t notice it at all when I’m wearing them.

Symptoms of Digital Eye Strain…

The most common symptoms reported include:

  • Eye Fatigue
  • Discomfort or irritation in Eyes
  • Headaches
  • Dry or itchy eyes
  • Blurry or double vision

I’m really curious about whether or not people feel as though they have experienced or do experience any of these symptoms. I personally have found my eyes to be very dry – I especially notice this in the shower when they get wet, they literally sting me. I never made the association between dry eyes and screen-time until now. I also found myself needing a break from my screens as my eyes would genuinely start to blur! I spend a lot of time editing photos and videos and really focusing on colours so I know I personally feel a big strain on my eyes.

I’m about 2 weeks into using my Blue Block glasses from Henshaw Eyewear and I really am loving them. They’re a small one time investment which can be hugely beneficial to not only your eyes, but also to the quality of the work you produce. I don’t feel the need to walk away from my laptop as much as I did.

I really hope you found this post interesting and informative, please let me know if you have any questions or want to discuss more! There’s a lot more information on the Henshaw Eyewear website too. If you do decide to purchase a pair of glasses, you can get 10% off by using my discount code: “NIAMHOS”.

Niamh xx

*This post is not sponsored, but I was kindly gifted my Blue Block glasses without any expectation of posting. I’m genuinely just interested in the topic so decided to share my thoughts.

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