Cake *Pops*

I had never heard of Cake Pops before I moved to New York. If they exist in Ireland then I feel like I have really been missing out for a long time. 

I only just tried my first one about two weeks ago and it was divine! I was expecting an actual sponge cake in the middle so I was never really too pushed about trying one, but I was wrong. The center is more like a fudgey cake batter, similar to cookie dough! Of course as soon as I tried it, I immediately was thinking of how I could make a healthy version to minimize the damage and calorie intake – because let me tell you, it’s hard to only have one!

These literally took 10 minutes and they turned out so pretty – they would be a perfect addition to a party buffet! Erika and I whipped them up last night for a little St. Patrick’s Day dinner! We made these cake pops a little patriotic too by adding some green sugar haha!  Cake Pops

We got all of the ingredients for this recipe from Fresh Direct. This is probably the most useful service ever – you buy your groceries online and then you chose when they get delivered to your front door. Seriously, I’m obsessed! It totally minimizes your chances of buying the food that you don’t want to eat because you decide ahead of time, so no impulsive decisions!

Let me know if you try these out on Snapchat – niamhos21 or tag me on Instagram @niamh_osullivan.

Have a great St. Patrick’s Day, what I would give to be at home for it!

Niamh x


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