Chocolate *Protein* Balls

I am so obsessed with these chocolate protein balls! I’ve tried so many different versions from a few of my favourite food bloggers and now have finally settled on my own version which maximises flavour and goodness!

I’d say I’ve tested out various versions of these chocolate protein balls on everyone I know at this stage. They’re just the handiest little treats. They’re a winner in the office and perfect for having on hand in the fridge if you want to show off some healthy treats to any guests if they pop in! I often bring one or two with me to work to have as a treat after lunch to satisfy those sugar cravings!

They’re also a great alternative to protein shake post workout. I’m quite fond of these versatile little treats for a very good reason so definitely give them a go! I absolutely swear by my Nutribullet, if you haven’t already then I would recommend investing in one!
Chopped hazelnuts & dates

These protein balls usually keep in the fridge for a couple of days. Let me know if you try them!

Enjoy x

Chocolate Protein Balls



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