Healthy Snack *Idea*

This is definitely a recipe for all of the cookie monsters who are striving for a healthier diet/lifestyle. I brought a batch of these for the guys when we went skiing at the weekend and they were a massive hit! You really wouldn’t even notice that they were a healthier alternative!

I can’t believe how fast our trip upstate to Hunter Mountain went. It has definitely given me a case of itchy feet. Who knows how long I’ll end up staying in the US, so I really want to make sure to travel as much as possible whenever I can while I’m on this side of the world. It was so nice to get out of the city and actually sleep in silence! I swear, it’s been months since I haven’t been woken up by a siren in the middle of the night! Although, I’m pretty much immune to it now – it definitely has gotten easier.Clean Cookies

Clean CookiesAnyway, back to the healthy snack! I feel as though snacking is a really important part of our diet that we might not necessarily think about as much as our main meals. When you snack on the less healthy but more convenient options, you’re putting a lot of your hard work to waste without a second thought. I for one wouldn’t think twice about a granola bar, but in reality, you’re much better off making your own, and knowing exactly what is going into what you snack on!

These are an oat based cookie, so this is much better than the usual white flour that is the base in most cookies. I blended my Flahavan’s oats in my new Nutri Bullet (best kitchen addition ever!) to make the oat flour. The rest of the recipe was a piece of cake! The girls will vouch for me when I say that these are definitely worth a try, so if you do, snap me @niamhos21.

Clean CookiesThis recipe was adapted from one that I saw on The Health Nut‘s Instagram, she’s definitely a foodie to follow!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Niamh x

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