Clean *Honey* Roasted *Almonds*

I have found my newest weakness in New York. On a lot of street corners you’ll find Nuts4Nuts carts. Honey roasted almonds are literally to die for, the smell gets me every time! I’m trying to be a little more efficient with how I spend my money so my new goal is to start making a few of the things that really make my purse a lot lighter.

I looked up the ingredients for the Nuts4Nuts almonds that I usually get, and it’s literally sugar and water! So my continuous snacking on these needs to stop pronto! I wanted to give these a shot and they actually turned out so good, they’re already all gone which is a good sign! My taste testers gave them a 10/10 so they’re definitely worth a shot. Almonds are so great for snacking on, obviously they’re better raw but this recipe is definitely a healthier version of store bought ones.

Clean Honey Roasted Almonds

Clean Honey Roasted Almonds

Also, how cute is this little jar? My sister got me a few in Avoca as a congratulations-for-starting-a-blog present during the Summer and I am still in love! They’re perfect for storing little sweet treats in the house for when I’m feeling peckish.

If anyone tries these, let me know!

Enjoy x


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