Coconut *&* Lime Truffles

I have been very quiet on the blog this week. Working full time in New York whilst moving apartments has definitely caught up with me.

I’m so excited to finally be moving into our new little (emphasis on the little) apartment on the Upper East Side tonight. I’m planning on doing a post or two on how I’m going to build up my healthy kitchen from scratch. Maybe it would be useful to someone thinking of starting a health kick ahead of the Christmas season, or even to someone looking to expand their pantry and try some new healthier ingredients. It’s definitely going to be a costly venture, everything over here is! But once I get into a good routine and get back to my recipes, I know I will feel more settled. First on my list is a Nutribullet – I’m lost without one here!

Coconut & Lime TrufflesThis is a recipe that I whipped up before leaving for New York. My Mum and I had a nightmare trying to perfect these Coconut & Lime Truffles. She is an expert in the kitchen so I wasn’t going to be happy until she was!

I think that these are definitely more on the indulgent side of my usual recipe posts, similar to this recipe. They would be perfect as a healthier sweet treat option for dessert if you wanted to impress friends this weekend. The white chocolate is the worst/best thing about them (that depends on whichever way you want to look at it!). But everything else is relatively “clean”. Coconut, white chocolate and lime is a deliciously rich combination, and one that I wanted to perfect for ages! Try it out for yourself, and if you do, Snapchat me @niamhos21. I LOVE when I get snaps of people trying my recipes. It’s such a little boost 🙂

Coconut & Lime Truffles


Coconut & Lime Truffles Recipe:

Juice of half a lime

1 cup of dessicated coconut

100g of coconut cream

Lime zest

75g of white chocolate, and then some more for coating (as much as you fancy!)



  1. Melt your coconut cream and white chocolate in a bowl over hot water until they’re lovely and combined
  2. Add in the desiccated coconut and the lime juice and mix well
  3. Set aside and let the mixture cool for about 10-15 minutes – don’t let it go hard though
  4. Roll the mixture into bite size balls and coat in some more melted white chocolate
  5. Grate some lime zest on top to make them look pretty
  6. Pop them into the fridge when they have cooled and leave for about an hour
  7. Serve & enjoy!


Niamh x

Coconut & Lime Truffles

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