Emma by Jane – Sustainable Spotlight

I’m really excited to bring this post to you today. Emma by Jane is a stunning jewellery brand, that happens to be run by a very good friend of mine, Jane Asple. I’ve done a lot of sustainable spotlights on different fashion brands, but never a jewellery brand – so here you go! I’ve learned so much from Jane since I got to know her last year. She is an incredibly driven and successful business woman, so make sure to give her a follow & support her.

Emma by Jane - Sustainable Spotlight

The Process

So, when I sat down with Jane to plan this post, I was so intrigued by the whole process of bringing a jewellery design to life.

Design & Production

For Jane, all of her ideas / designs start with what she is wearing. When there is a “gap in the outfit” the design process begins. Each and every piece needs to fit in with the overall collection on it’s own and must also compliment other pieces. When it comes to getting a design from a drawing into your hands, the process goes a little like this…

A sketch is drawn up and sent to the partnered supplier, based in India. Together with the supplier (ie. factory owner), Jane works out the finer details of the sketch to achieve a manageable design. Samples are then created by the supplier, and once approved by Jane, quantities are forecasted and orders are placed.

In terms of quality control, there is a standard base metal & a standard carrot that is agreed upon prior to production. This is also the same for gemstones, when they are included in a design. All of the pieces that include gemstones are handmade by the team in the factory. The best quality and the best product exists where the people are the most skilled, and in this case, this is in India. Unfortunately this is something that has gone against Jane in the past, as sometimes people can get hung up on the idea of something not being fully produced in Ireland. At the end of the day, Jane is a small business operating in Ireland, with a view to employing more Irish workers as her business grows.


All of the Emma By Jane packaging is supplied by JJ O’Toole Ltd, based in Limerick. With every online order & in person purchase, a reusable canvas bag goes into every order as a gift. All boxes are recyclable & the company operates a paperless return process, to save on waste.

The Ethics

This is definitely something that I really wanted to touch on in this post. Emma by Jane is an incredibly cautious and conscious brand, and does the utmost it can to ensure that those who help to bring Jane’s designs to life are protected and work in safe environments. There are strict codes of ethics in India and in the factories where Jane has her products manufactured. Unfortunately, similarly to fashion, sweatshops do exist in the jewellery industry. Workers are regularly exploited when producing products for companies who churn out mass amounts of products. This is why it’s so important to buy consciously, and from brands that you trust.

I really hope that you enjoyed this post and found it insightful. For more Sustainable Spotlights, head to the Sustainability section on my homepage. Thank you so much Jane for allowing me to pick your brain on this. You can shop my favourites below!

Niamh xx

Emma by Jane - Sustainable Spotlight

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Emma by Jane - Sustainable Spotlight

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