Festival Skincare Essentials

I’m probably one of the few people not heading along to Electric Picnic this weekend…BUT I know a lot of people are. Since I’m completely skincare obsessed, I wanted to put a quick post together about festival skincare. 

I popped into Lloyd’s Pharmacy last week, they’re doing a big push on festival essentials ahead of EP. I said I would go in and have a look to see what they have to offer. Even though I won’t be attending, I love the idea of looking into something that I think will benefit the people who read my blog or follow along on my social media.

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They have basically everything and anything you could want, but here is what I would be focusing on…

Skincare Essentials

SPF! – this goes without saying, but so many people are not on the ball when it comes to SPF. I wear it hail, rain or shine and you should too…especially at a festival when you’re outside for 3 days straight. Also, do not rely on the SPF in your foundation, if you are serious about protecting your skin, bring a moisturiser with at least 30+ SPF in it to wear under your make up. Try this one, or this one.

Cleanse Off Mitt – stay away from the baby wipes and stick with the incredible cleanse off mitt, your skin will thank you in the long run! Pick one up here.

Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray  – people are swearing by this stuff! It has so many different uses, but I think in terms of what’s relevant for a festival – spritzing this on your face and over your make up throughout the weekend will be a sure way to keep your skin hydrated. Get this here.

BB Cream – festival make up can tend to be very heavy because you need it to last for a long period of time while you’re outside. You’re probably going to be using a lot of different products too when achieving your festival look. A BB cream is a great option for the day time before things start to get hectic if you want to give your skin a little break and some time to breathe, but still having a light coverage.  This one would be handy to bring along.

Sheet Masks – pop one on first thing in the morning when you wake up and chill for 10 minutes before starting into the antics of the day. I love the Neutrogena ones.

Even though you’re at a festival, if I was going, I would 100% be bringing along my full skincare routine. Your skin will need the TLC now more than ever!

Other Essentials

  • Pain killers
  • Water
  • Deodorant
  • Baby wipes
  • Dry shampoo
  • Instant tan
  • Body moisturiser

I hope you enjoyed this short & sweet post. If you’re heading along to EP…have the best time!

Niamh x

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festival skincare, festival essentials, lloyd's pharmacy, skincare, niamh o'sullivan

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