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When you look good on the outside, you instantly feel ten times better on the inside. I love new fitness wear to help alleviate some of the stress of stepping into the gym. Everyone gets self conscious when doing their best to even look like they know what they’re up to so a little confidence boost can go a long way!

A few weeks ago, I started an amazing new workout & diet plan courtesy of my very good friend Kevin Russell. Three weeks in I was seeing fantastic results, so to say I was devastated when I injured my hand is an understatement. Sitting here right now and thinking that I could be finished the program in a few weeks and in probably the best shape of my life is really frustrating for me. I know that I will get back on track once I’m fully recovered, but for the time being going for jogs simply isn’t satisfying my inner fitness fanatic.

On the plus side, I have a lot of free time to spend shopping & browsing online. I absolutely love this water bottle from Opsh is an online shopping website where you can shop entire ranges of different brands in one place, one of which being Forever 21. I never even realised how nice their Activewear range was until I came across it recently on Opsh, and now some of their stuff is top of my fitness favourites list.

I think that really gorgeous and comfortable workout gear is without a doubt a huge motivator to get into it, and once your that far, a little workout is just inevitable!


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