Fuijifilm Square Times in NYC

AHHHH!!! I can’t believe I was back in NYC this week! It felt so surreal to be back. A part of me even felt a little emotional. Some people may not know this, but I actually lived in Manhattan from October 2015 – September 2017, but that feels like a lifetime ago now! I felt, and still feel so, so, so fortunate to have been invited back by FujiFilm to celebrate their new Square Printing service.

So Why Did I Visit?

“Why square? Why New York?” I hear you ask…WELL: Since we’re all currently in “Square Times” thanks to over 600million Instagram users who photograph in square format, they’ve brought us to Times Square to celebrate! (WITTY!) Fun fact: it’s estimated that this year alone, there will be over 1.4 trillion photos taken – how is that even possible!

We’re all actively photographing everything and anything that we encounter on a daily basis – it’s integral to our lives now. So Fujifilm have decided to do a huge push to encourage people to start printing again to preserve the special memories that we create, save and then ultimately forget about once we post to social media. As the square format is seen everywhere lately from interior design to a photo function on our phones, I think it’s great that they’ve enabled us as consumers to finish our creative process and print the shots we capture and decorate our homes and personal spaces.

Fujifilm have always been the market leaders when it comes to printing, I feel as though I have been going to their shop in Naas for years! I remember I used to print off so many photos from Bebo and Facebook back in the day. Much to my parents dismay, I would stick them all over my wall with blueback and sellotape, to the point where doing so was ultimately banned full stop. I don’t think I’ve printed a photo in the longest time since everything is digital now. I really want to put a big focus on it though, especially after this trip. 

What can you print?

Fujifilm are offering so many different versions of square printing. You can print the classic photos for small or large books, frames or canvases, as well as some different options which you can see below. Sometimes a visual is easier to explain! I’ll definitely be opting for a canvas or photo block option. If you follow me on Instagram Stories (@niamh_osullivan) you’ll know that I’m in the process of adding some pieces to my very bare walls, so I’m very ready to start my square printing. 

Where can you print?

On the Tuesday of our trip, we visited the Fujifilm Wonder Store and created our own personal keepsakes from the trip, so if you’re in NYC – that would be a good place to start. They have a gorgeous little space where you can get creative with what you’re trying to achieve. If not, square printing is available at Fujifilm photo kiosks nationwide, online at http://www.fujifilmimagine.ie/ and on their Imagine app. (You can download the Imagine app on the App store!) When we were printing off our NYC memories, I made two little photo books and filled them with pictures from the trip we were on, and the other one was full of memories from when I lived there. 

The photographs themselves are absolutely incredible quality, but I’m sure you know this already if you’ve ever printed from Fujifilm. I love all of the different styles – I printed mine in a retro style, but they were just shots from my phone. So cool!

Anyway, I hope that you enjoyed this post, and if you have any questions about anything at all that I mentioned in this post – don’t hesitate to ask. I want to say the BIGGEST thank you to the Fujifilm team for bringing me along on their #FujifilmSquareTimes celebration – it was the biggest “pinch me” moment of my life!

Happy Friday!

Niamh xx

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