Hiking Bear Mountain

Hello hello! It’s been a little while but I’m back today and hopefully I can stay this time. Things get so crazy sometimes that the blog becomes less of a priority but I’m determined to make more time for it now.

On Sunday I went up to Bear Mountain in upstate New York for an afternoon hike. It’s been on my to-do list for ages so I’m so glad I got to tick it off. Surprisingly enough I found it a little difficult to plan so I thought I would put this together to help out anyone who might find it a little tricky too.

Getting there:

Ok this was something I found really difficult to find online. So, without further adieu. We took the Metro North green-line to Peekskill station. Off-peak return tickets (weekends) worked out at $25.50 each and the train ride is about 45 minutes or so. When you get on the train, try to get a window seat on the left hand side – the views are stunning!

Once you arrive at the station, there’s loads of taxis waiting to bring you to Bear Mountain. Ours cost $25 each way but I think you can probably hustle them down if you tried. They take you to the Bear Mountain Inn, and when you get out of the taxi, head around to the back of the hotel and you’ll see a small tent set up near the edge of the forest. There are guides there to help you pick and plan your route for the day. 

What to bring:
  • CASH! For the taxis you will need cash so don’t forget it. The ATM fee at Bear Mountain is $4 which is just annoying and unnecessary.
  • Water – and lots of it!
  • Snacks – the hike isn’t too long but it’s nice to have something on hand if you need it. There’s also no shops once you get there apart from a tiny deli, so stop up ahead of time.
  • A phone/camera – the views are so stunning you will definitely want to take a few pictures.
  • Suncream – a must!
  • A towel and/or wipes – depending on how hot it is when you go, these wouldn’t go astray. You’ll feel a little fresher with them anyway.
  • A spare top for the train home – just incase you do overheat.

What to wear:

I saw a lot of people in hiking boots, but we just wore our usual runners and gym gear and it was totally fine.

Anyway, I know this post won’t apply to the majority of people. But if you do find yourself planning a trip, I hope that this helped! It’s such a gorgeous way to spend a day if you find yourself needing to get out of the city.

Happy Tuesday!

Niamh x

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