How to Change Your Attitude

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while but every time I tried, it came across as so negative. I don’t want this to be a negative chat, I want it to be something that people might acknowledge if they feel like they can relate. 

Where to begin. I may as well just spit it out. I recently noticed a big change in my attitude. Maybe it came from being cooped up for the whole of January, or maybe it was to do with a lot of stuff that was going on online at the time. Whatever it was, I noticed that I had become slightly begrudging and more negative than usual. I feel as though I’m a realistic person, and tend to expect the worst from people and situations. It’s an awful trait to have in my opinion, feelings of negativity can fester inside you for no good reason other than that you are comfortable in your negativity.

I despise feeling begrudging towards someone, and when I see people acting out in a begrudging way. There’s nothing worse. That’s why when I felt like I was tending to feel that way on a more regular basis about different people and different situations, I decided something had to change.

Below are a few different ways that might help you to change your attitude, whatever it may be…

Learn to acknowledge when you feel the way that you do – what I mean by this is: know when you’re being a b*itch, even if it is just happening inside your head. Having negative thoughts towards someone else can just fester in your mind and can lead to negative discussions about people for no good reason at all.

Let it go – whether someone has done wrong by you or not, if its effecting your attitude on the inside and on the outside, I can guarantee you will feel better if you just try your best to walk away from how you feel. Park it and move on.

Avoid the problem – maybe it’s a certain person or a certain situation that brings out the worst in you. Whatever it might be, remove it from your life at all costs.

Act on a positive thought – sometimes if I feel myself getting a bit obnoxious in my head, I’ll try and balance it out by doing something positive for myself or someone else. I don’t know why but sometimes if I find myself in a funk and just a bit moany, trying to counteract this with something positive really does help.

Stop comparing – one way to ruin a good mood is by comparing yourself to someone else’s achievements or life. There are countless articles about why you shouldn’t compare yourself to other people online but it can’t be said enough…because we all do it every day. Myself included. This leads me on to my next point.

Put the blinkers on – it’s not always easy when social media has us constantly watching other peoples lives, but staying in your lane and focusing on your journey is more important now than ever. I know that it sounds a bit hippy dippy when I start talking about journeys and all that jazz, but I personally find that I end up in a much more positive place in my mind when I visualise what I want from my life, as opposed to figuring out how I get to where someone else is in theirs.

Expect the best of people and situations – depending on what it is that you’re doing in life, be it in college or work or whatever it may be – a lot of our happiness and the ability for us to move forward does rely on other people sometimes. Maybe you want to do really well in a college project but you’re in a group and aren’t sure if you can rely on the other people. Or maybe you’re waiting for some good feedback from your boss about a job you just did. Whatever it is, I genuinely think that we spend so much time worrying about the worst case scenario when it comes to things that are important to us. If you expect the best from people and situations, and don’t even give the negatives a second thought, you’ll find yourself in a much better place if things don’t go your way. If you’re ready and waiting for the worst, it will just lead to a knock on effect the next time around and you’ll be more comfortable in the negative corner of your mind.

I hope you liked this post and found it useful. Have a great week!

Niamh x

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