What I’ll Miss About New York

I’ve been trying to write this post since I came home, but I just could never figure out what exactly is was that I would be pining for the most. I also wanted to write some sort of a reflection on my time in New York but the words just weren’t coming to me. That sounds weird, but I wanted to have a post to mark my leaving New York and starting this new chapter of mine. That’s what this little blog is here for, after all. I decided that this post would include the things I would miss the most, as well as what I’m says “good riddance” too. I hope you like it! 

What I’ll miss…

The accessibility

I’ll miss the bank being within walking distance, the 24 hour store across the road, and the Japanese restaurant under my apartment that fed me many times late at night. New York is somewhere that you can have whatever you want, whenever you want it. The bars are always busy, the restaurants are always buzzing, and you can be guaranteed that you’ll enjoy yourself 7 days a week.

The seasons

I have to admit I’m feeling a little (a lot) of FOMO at the moment watching all of the Halloween snapchats and seeing the pictures of pumpkins littered on the streets. I love Autumn over there, it’s so beautiful. Especially when the park literally turns orange in front of your eyes. I’ll miss the (bearable) summer days & evenings, but probably the snow days most of all. I’m obsessed with Winter and everything it brings so it will be weird going back to just that consistent not-too-warm-not-too-cold temperature here in Ireland. Christmas will of course be completely magical over there, although I’m having m mixed feelings about that time of year in New York. Last year was a tough when my Dad was sick, so I feel like being there at that time again would bring back floods of bad memories. 

The food

Ahhhh, the food! I’m in love with trying different cuisines and dishes whenever I can. New York gives you just that. Bad and all as most of it is….

What I won’t miss…

The food

While I’m fully aware that I just totally contradicted myself, I have to admit that I had a very love hate relationship with food in New York. Temptations were on every corner and it made it very tricky to ignore and try and stay not only in good shape, but healthy. I’m sure a lot of you have seen the documentaries about what they pump into their meat, fruits and vegetables, and it’s exactly that reason why you can be sometimes left feeling sluggish after consuming these. On the other hand you can of course splash out and opt for something totally organic and free range, but it will cost you an arm and a leg. For me personally, spending so much on food really wasn’t sustainable as I was in full on savings mode ahead of moving home. 

The noise

This goes without saying. Picture this…you’re exhausted, decide an early night is just what you need and you head to bed early and start nodding off. Then one of the following happens…

  1. Two drunks start fighting outside your bedroom window and holy hell breaks lose.
  2. There will be some sort of an emergency on your block and the fire department/ambulances start their sirens, and they just don’t seem to stop.
  3. Your roommate will come in after an all day bender and bring about 7 friends home who all decide to either binge on Netflix on full volume, or else continue the party within meters of your bed.
  4. Some idiot will double park on your street and block the whole road and every single car heading in that direction will essentially sit on their car horn until they move.

Can you tell I was frustrated? Lol.

The people

Now, by this I do not mean the actual people that I knew, was friends with, or worked with. I’m referring to the amount of people. There is over 8.5 million people squeezed into New York, and I had become just a tiny bit tired of footpath traffic. 

I hope that you liked this quick little post, hopefully my NYC Reflection post will come to me at some point. I feel like I have a lot to say…

Niamh xx

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