Kemon Actyva – Sustainable Spotlight

Kemon Actyva; the haircare products for the conscious consumer. If you’re looking for a way to make minor changes with massive results, here’s a seriously good option.

Over the summer, I was introduced to Kemon. They’re an Italian brand that are new to Ireland, but I have no doubt that they will do incredibly well in the Irish market. I know that we are all trying our best to make different and easy changes in all of our lives. Being more conscious and choosing brands that champion sustainability and have the environment at the forefront of their mission statements are factors that are so important to many. I was so incredibly lucky to work with Kemon over the summer, and see first hand their offices and farm in the gorgeous Umbria, Italy. These guys are nailing the sustainability game, read on to see how…

Kemon Actyva - Sustainable Spotlight

Kemon is a brand that has so many brilliant qualities to boast about, but also (and so importantly) have incredible products that speak for themselves in terms of quality. I’ve been using them since early June so can completely vouch for how gorgeous they are.

The range includes a number of different lines, you will most definitely find one to suit your hair type below…

  • Bellessere – A line of multifunctional products with a base of argan and flax oils designed for the daily care of hair and body.
  • Nutrizione – A sophisticated blend of technologically advanced raw materials and functional ingredients of natural origin that restores nutritional balance to all types of dry hair.
  • Disciplina – A line of products formulated to gently control frizzy and rebellious hair and maintain a desired look over time: perfectly smooth hair or natural movement.
  • Colore Brilliante – For treating coloured hair, this line of products specifically created to give coloured hair intensity, shine and durable colour, wash after wash.
  • Volume E Corposita – A new silicone-free line that is packed with active ingredients to build body and volume giving any hairstyle a fuller, more substantial feel and allowing the style to last longer.
  • Nuova Fibra – A treatment programme designed for sensitised, damaged and brittle hair that responds to the need to makes the strands uniform and restore strength, beauty, texture and a compact look.
  • Specifici – A range formulated with essential oils and plant extracts to cleanse, balance, soothe, hydrate and restore the normal function of the scalp.
  • P Factor – A three-phase system that cleans, regenerates and helps to prevent hair loss, counteracting the damaging effects of free radicals and keeping hair healthy. Side note: I’ve seen before and after pictures of this product range and the results are INCREDIBLE! 
  • Linfa Solare – A line created to satisfy the specific protection, hydration and nutrition needs of hair and skin during the summer season.

Kemon Actyva - Sustainable Spotlight

Not only do Kemon products contain up to 86% organic ingredients, but they’re also vegan friendly and are not tested on animals. The lengths which Kemon have gone to in order to be green, sustainable and animal friendly can be seen in in some of the certifications they have received. 

GREEN PE certification is only given to the companies which use all packaging, bottles and tubes from recyclable Green PE. Where applicable, the products are marked with “I’m green”, certifying that the packaging is made from renewable sugar cane (as opposed to traditional petroleum). This raw material is renewable and the extracted polymer (things that bind plastic!) actually helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But this isn’t a new thing for Kemon, they have been committed to protecting natural  resources since the very foundation of the company in 1959!

“…a heritage of biodiversity, art and beauty inspiring us not only in the creation of our products but also to fund green projects and minimise the impact of production processes as much as possible”

Another certification, and an incredible boast for Kemon, is ICEA VEGAN. ICEA (International Center for Environmental Arts) is an organisation that controls and certifies companies that deal in activities in regard to humans and nature. Companies which meet the ICEA standards must adhere to strict ethical, environmental and social requirements. In the ingredients and throughout the entire production cycle of Actyva products, no raw material, process aid or additional agent of animal and or GMO origin is used. 

All of the components in Kemon products, are chosen from a long list of ingredients that are allowed to be used in cosmetics. Any ingredient that’s even suspected of causing harm to the environment or to the health of those who come in contact with it is eliminated. Because of this, Kemon meets the LOVE NATURE certification, which is also given by the ICEA.  

I think that the certifications Kemon has achieved truly speak for themselves when considering their efforts. I really hope you found this post informative and useful. Definitely reach for Kemon products next time you’re shopping for haircare. You can shop them from selected salons – if you head to the Kemon Instagram, they will be able to advise you of your local one.

Niamh xx

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