Late To The Party

Hi there!

So I’ve decided to hop on the bandwagon and start my own little blog. A little late to the party I know, but now just feels like the perfect time for me as I transition from the Irish working world to the Big Apple! I love the idea of keeping all of my memories and experiences of the coming year in one place so that I can look back on them all collectively.

I decided to take a health and fitness angle for my blog, as it’s something I borderline obsess over! I think moving to New York will prove challenging for me food wise (temptations galore), but I’m also really excited to immerse myself into the fitness scene (I’m thinking Soul Cycle!). I’m so excited to document how I get on with this new life that I’ve been dreaming about for a long time now! I think it will be really fun to see what the best city in the world has to offer from a healthy lifestyle point of view.

So I wish I could say that my first blogging experience went according to plan! After a full day of rustling up a LOT of clean treats, I got my finger stuck in the blender while it was turned on (yes, it was as gruesome as it sounds!). As you can imagine, my kitchen looked like a scene out of Texas Chainsaw Massacre so needless to say it was definitely not a pleasant few days to follow and an experience I’ll be doing my best to forget about!

Unfortunately, this means that my fitness routine is on hold, much to my dogs happiness as he’s enjoying a lot more walks now! On the plus side though, I have a bit of time off work to recover. I plan on channeling my productive nature into Cinnamon Soul, so maybe it’s a little blessing in disguise!

Niamh x

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