Lessons Learned in NYC – 18 Months in…

Good morning and happy Thursday! This post is coming to you from Chicago. The girls and I booked this trip months ago for the 4th of July weekend and I’m so excited to be back.

I spent a summer here in 2012 and had the time of my life, then met my family here in June of last year for a weekend, so I have lots of great memories here. 

I feel like I’ve also been so ready to get out of the city lately and that’s definitely another reason why I’m so happy to be here. I feel as though I’ve been having “one of those days” over and over and over again lately so I’m hoping that this trip is just what I need.

I’m trying to get more on top of everything in my life and with that, I thought that a good blog post to get the ball rolling again would be a “lessons learned” post. I love putting posts like this together because it seriously makes me think hard about everything that goes on and things that I’ve learned without even realising. So here we go…

Say yes!

I’ve really learned that saying yes to things has become one of my main priorities. Yes, my blog and YouTube have suffered lately because I’m spending less time huddled over my laptop in the evenings, but I’ve enjoyed the last few weeks so much. Your life is not a trial run and that’s a tricky thing to get your head around. You can’t keep putting off that trip, or going to that restaurant you really want to try. You have to seriously live in the moment because none of us know how long we have left. That sounds so morbid but it’s scarily true! 


You will probably only be able to trust enough people to count on one hand. Whether it’s relying on someone or having someone that you can truly trust to be there for you when you have a problem, I’m sorry to say that they are few and far between in such a competitive place.

If something costs you your peace, walk away

I saw this quote on Pinterest and it is so true! Be it a friendship, a relationship, a job, or just something that is troubling you, if something is keeping you up at night then it’s time to call it quits. Things move too fast here and you really realise that there is zero point in wallowing over some things.

Learning things the hard way are lessons you’ll never forget

I think that when you find yourself in a position where you’ve realised that you just learned something the hard way, it can be incredibly frustrating. I genuinely feel like I’m in this position every other week! Whether it’s standing up to someone, or realising that you should have done something differently – when you find yourself in a similar situation again you’ll remember exactly what need to do! 


I might be slightly echoing on my point about trust, but one thing that people always fail to mention about New York is how lonely it is. I’ve seriously realised lately that the people you can go to with a problem (no matter how big, small or irrelevant), the people who you can have conversations with that don’t revolve around other people, or work, or other trivial things, are the people you need to prioritize.

Anyway, there’s my two cents on my latest lessons learned. I can’t actually believe how fast time is flying here. When I arrived in Chicago this morning it hit me that it’s been over a year since I’ve been here and it honestly feels like a month, max! I hope everyone has a great weekend. I’ll be sharing lots of pictures over on my Instagram (@niamh_osullivan) so make sure you’re following along.

Chat soon,

Niamh x  

Photos by Claire Petersen

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