Loving Lately…

I love a short but chatty post like this to fill you in on what’s on my current list of things that I’m loving lately. 

So here you have it….
Not wearing shellac on my nails

I think I went for 6 months straight of having shellac on my nails and let me tell you, they were like tissues when I took it off for once and for all. They’re in much better shape now thanks to this stuff though. It’s nice to let them breathe every now and again!

The longer evenings

As of last night I’m a new woman. Roll on summer!!!

My new investment pieces…

Strathberry Bag 

You will have seen this beauty on my Instagram and on my Instagram stories the day it arrived. If you look back through my feed you will see that for the last year, I have worn my favourite gold bag to death. I still wear it a lot but I am so happy to have invested into my beautiful new Strathberry mini. It didn’t break the bank, but it certainly wasn’t pocket change.

Gucci Loafers 

These babies haven’t gone a day without being on my feet yet. I’m determined to get the cost per wear right down! I explained on my Instagram that these were not a quick purchase. I went into Brown Thomas four different times to try them on, and last weekend, I bit the bullet. I had a lovely/sizeable voucher from Christmas and while I could have bought a few different things, I love the idea of investing into something that I will have forever. Loving Lately, Niamh O'Sullivan

I say this every time butttt, making plans!

I feel so lucky to be able to travel when I can. The next few places that I am going are…

Qatar: You may or may not know this, but my Dad actually lives in Qatar. He moved five years ago and my Mum, sister and I have only been out to visit him there once! He prefers to come home, but since the weather has been a little bleak and cold lately, we said that this weekend would be a nice time to go out to him as my sister is on her Easter break from college!

Rome: I booked this trip for Conor and I as part of his birthday present in January! It felt like ages away but I’m so excited that April is almost here and we’re getting ready to go!

Conor and I are also hoping to go on a summer holiday somewhere for a week in June – I’m thinking Malta! We went to California for five days last August and would you believe me if I told you that that was our first ever holiday together?! We had gone on one/two night weekend trips, but never longer than that! So I’m very excited for a full 7 days in the sun together…after 4 years of being together!!!

Getting back into exercise

You’ll know from my Instagram that I recently started training with @ShellyBehanFitness. I’ve known Shelly since I was about 10, we went to school together, so it’s nice to train with someone who I know personally. She’s absolutely brilliant and I leave every session absolutely pouring sweat, something that would never happen if I was working out alone!


My Emma by Jane rings rarely come off my fingers, along with my Cluse watches. I never used to be in to jewellery, apart from the few gold chains that I own that never leave my neck. But recently, since I met my friend Jane Asple who is the Founder and Creative Director of Emma by Jane, I have come to appreciate how rings really elevate an entire outfit. I love mixing and matching the rings that I have and now I feel naked without them. Loving Lately, Niamh O'Sullivan

This quote by Henry Ford

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right”. This is all about self belief and working hard towards your goals, and I love it! I even typed it up in a pretty font, printed it off and framed it on my window sill in my bedroom. I read it every morning and it just puts me in the right frame of mind. We are all so capable of achieving the things that we want, it’s just about putting your mind to it.

This new thing I’m doing…

When I feel the urge the b*tch/moan/begrudge someone, I don’t. We are ALL guilty of it so don’t even try and tell me you never do it, I know and you know that you’re lying. Ireland as a nation can have a tendency to begrudge people that we are jealous or envious of and I am definitely someone who is guilty of it from time to time. A few weeks ago I found my negativity levels rising for a number of different reasons…to the point where I needed to do a mini self assessment and I came to the conclusion that, where possible, I had to force any and all negative thoughts out of my head.

Strong Roots & Quorn Chicken Burgers

These two brands have slowly but surely crept into my diet and I’m most definitely not complaining. Trust me, you need to try them both!

So that’s all for this list! Let me know if you are loving any of these things too!

Niamh xx

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