Milan Travel Guide

My first trip to Milan will most definitely not be my last. Italy is one of my favourite countries, for the food, the weather & even just the sound of the language. But I didn’t expect to fall so in love with Milan. You might have noticed me spamming my Instagram feed with photos of the trip, but I couldn’t help it, it’s so picturesque. Below I’ve detailed our 2/3 days to make life easier for you if you decide to go…

Getting there

We flew in on the early morning Aer Lingus flight which goes year round, but if you’re toying with the idea of booking a trip, now is the time. Until 12 midnight on the 23rd of September, the Aer Lingus September Sale is in full swing. There are great value deals to Europe (from €29.99 one way) and North America (from €159 each way) for travel this winter – my personal favourite time to travel because you’re avoiding higher temperatures and enjoying less tourists and off peak prices. When flying to anywhere in Europe with Aer Lingus, you get a 10kg cabin bag as standard, fly into central airports, and AerClub members can collect Tier Credits and choose to part pay their fare with Avios- win, win, win & win! 

When we arrived into Malpensa Airport, we got the Malpensa Express train into the city centre which took about 35-40 minutes. Once you come into arrivals, head straight for the trains area and purchase your tickets there. The queues move much faster down there as opposed to the desk that you see when you come out. We bought our return tickets with our outgoing ones, to make life easier on the way back, and I would really recommend doing the same.

What to do

The Duomo is a must, obviously. It is one of the most gorgeous buildings I’ve ever seen, the pictures really don’t do it any justice. If you decide to go in or to the top, be aware that you must be appropriately dressed – no skin showing above your elbows or knees.

I adored the Galleria – it’s incredibly beautiful and houses so many designer boutiques. I could have spent hours there window shopping & people watching.

Brerra – this is such a cool part of town within walking distance of the Duomo.  It feels really artsy and is full of culture. They had fab little market stalls the afternoon that we were there.

Spend an evening in Navigli. Wander along the canals & take in the sunset. I wish we spent our first night here, because I definitely would have come back for night two.

We spent an afternoon in the Science Museum and it really surprised me. I thought I would have no interest, but there was so much on Leonardo da Vinci, food, and lot’s more!

QC Termemilano & La Scala came recommended to us but we didn’t get the chance this time around unfortunately.

Lots of people recommended visiting Lake Como, Switzerland & Bergamo, but we didn’t have the time unfortunately…although they are three great excuses to come back!

Where to eat

Ok so, so many recommendations came in for places to eat. Naturally we didn’t get to all of them apart from the first few I’m going to talk through…but I’ll leave links to everywhere that was recommended below.

Spazio Niko Romito – we came here for our first meal and I adored it. The setting was so stunning – I’m talking indoor trees, and it felt so glam. The restaurant is located upstairs in the Galleria, it took a little while to find it but it was worth searching for.

L’Angolo di Casa – our first dinner did not disappoint! This place had a wine list like I had never seen before so if you like your wines, this place will be up your street. It’s just down the street from the famous Nottingham Forest cocktail bar too (that we couldn’t even queue for, it was that busy!)

Luini’s – this place is famous for it’s mini handheld calzones and they did not disappoint.

Bio Solaire – we found this place on Foursquare, and even though it was basically closing when we got there, they still sat us and made us the most delicious pizzas. This place had such a family feel, and it was so cheap!

Osteria del Binari – we ate here on our last night and it was so stunning. We were sat outdoors which had a garden setting, and we were definitely the only tourists – which is always a good sign in my opinion. If the locals eat there, it must be good. It was really delicious and the staff were really friendly.

Other places that were recommended were…

Pizza Am, Pave (amazing for breakfast apparently), Antica Osteria Del Laghetto, Grani e Branco (Via Farini), Ba Asian (Di Angelo), Trapazzino, Pizzeria Spontini, La Prosciuttera, Gino Sorbillo, Antica Osteria del Mare, & Paper Moon

Where to drink

Terraza Aperol was our first port of call when we arrived. While it is undeniably a tourist trap, the view of the Duomo is fabulous. I’d suggest going for one drink at the very least and try to get a seat at the edge.

Nottingham Forest was one that we pretty much based an entire evening around, but couldn’t even get our names onto the waitlist when we went. From what we saw, it looks very cool! I’d suggest maybe visiting for a pre-dinner drink if you really want to go, as it was overflowing on a Tuesday night in our case

Ugo was where we enjoyed a few pre-dinner drinks when we ventured over to Navigli. I really loved this place so much. With every cocktail order they also serve a platter of finger food, so keep this in mind if you are going before a big meal.

Two more places that came highly recommended to us, but we didn’t make it to were: Wine Road & Mag Cafe.

Where to stay

We stayed in the insanely gorgeous Townhouse Duomo which is located just on the edge of the main square & backs onto the Galleria. Our balcony gave us the perfect view of the famous Duomo. The room was spacious & so luxurious – the bathroom was probably one of the biggest that I’ve ever been in. The staff were so friendly and welcoming too which made such a difference. The hotel itself has a rooftop bar that, wait for it, has a robot as a bartender. It’s one of the first / if not the only bars of it’s kind in the world. I also have to mention that the robot dishes out very generous measures, if that’s what you are into!

Useful information

The metro is brilliant in Milan, but don’t be afraid to get a taxi if you want to. We found that Google Maps kept telling us that a journey would be about 15 minutes, but the taxi men know all of the shortcuts through the side streets. Our journeys were almost always half as long as what Google had predicted. They’re also very cheap too!

Plan your days well, the city is so much bigger than I ever thought. If you’re aiming to eat in a certain area, then I would suggest planning accordingly and finding some cool bars nearby.

If you’re eating outside, one thing that I noticed is that there weren’t designated smoking areas in the restaurants that we ate in. It’s good to bear in mind if that will totally put you off your food.

As it stands, that’s all I can think of to tell you about our trip to Milan. It was such a fun way to spend 2/3 days and I would highly recommend paying it a visit if you get the chance. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to send me an email or a message.

Niamh xx

* A massive MASSIVE thank you to Aer Lingus for partnering with me on this post. I fly with them at every opportunity personally, so this was a dream collaboration for me.

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