Mocha Protein Balls

Friday is here at last! I feel as though this week went particularly slow?! I’m excited to have no plans for the weekend except catching up on a lot of FaceTime with my friends, and taking it easy. I’m really lucky that I’ve made such good friends here in New York, but I can’t describe how much I miss the girls at home! I’m lucky though that I already have 3 visitors lined up for a few days over the Summer, so seeing those familiar faces will be so sweet!

Speaking of sweet… I had been wanting to try a sort of protein packed/pre workout bite sized snack for a while now, and I’m really happy with how this one turned out! I usually go to the gym first thing in the morning, and the majority of the time I just work out on an empty stomach, but there’s nothing that will cut your workout short like a rumbling tummy. I thought that the mocha flavor would help me incorporate a caffeine punch from the instant coffee. It’s really needed sometimes at 6am!

Mocha Protein BallsWorking out in the morning definitely doesn’t suit everyone, but I tried doing it in the evenings and it was a disaster. I honestly spent the entire day trying my best to come up with the most reasonable excuse to skip working out. I find going in the morning suits me much better because I feel like before I know it I’m already there. It also means that before I even set foot in work, I’ve already achieved something that day so I definitely start the day feeling better than I do when I skip it.

Below is the recipe for these Mocha Protein Balls, I’ve started using a vegan blend of protein over here, because my skin breaks out really bad when I use whey protein. This protein that I’m using at the moment is great though, it smells really bad but tastes really good, which is weird – I know! But I tried Sunwarrior protein before and literally used to gag at the taste!

If you try these protein balls over the weekend let me know on Snapchat (niamhos21) or Instagram (@niamh_osullivan)

Enjoy! x

Mocha Protein Balls

Photos by Edelle Kenny Photography

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