Lemon & Ginger Shot

Good morning! Okay, so on my Snapchat (niamhos21) last weekend I shared my breakfast which consisted of a green smoothie and a “Vital Shot” from Juice Generation. It was essentially just a shot of lemon and ginger combined in a juicer with a sprinkling of cayenne pepper. I paid $4 for it and vowed never to spend that much money on a gulp of some lemon juice again. New York prices never cease to amaze me! At least it encouraged me to make my own lemon & ginger shot though…

Lemon & Ginger Shot, Cinnamon Soul
I always thought that you would need a juicer to make one of those breakfast shots, but I visited the Tiger store on the UES later that day and spotted a mini grater. Then I got a brainwave. I could squeeze the juice from a lemon, grate some ginger and throw it down the hatch not a bother. Unfortunately it’s not that pleasant so if you do have a NutriBullet or a regular blender you can definitely just whizz it up in that. I usually just add a spoon or two of water and then gulp it back in two go’s.

Having a shot of lemon & ginger in the morning first thing is so super to shock your system. I always try and force myself to have a pint of warm lemon water in the morning, but I just never ever do it anymore. This could have something to do with the fact that we never invested in a kettle for our apartment, we’re weirdly surviving perfectly fine without one though?! We don’t have a microwave or a toaster either by the way, serious stone age vibes, haha! Anyway, I’m far more likely to have that before bed. In the morning I’m never hungry and just don’t like gulping a pint of water at 6am. I prefer the idea of a quick shot to give me a bit of life before the gym and it actually works a charm! In case you’re wondering why I left out the cayenne pepper from the one I tried last week, well lets just say it’s not a nice thing to lick off your lips an hour later – nasty surprise!
Lemon & Ginger Shot, Cinnamon Soul
I hope everyone had a super week, we have a long weekend here because of Memorial Day on Monday. Before I go though, on a side note, can we just take a moment to appreciate how tack-tastic my shot glass is?! Unless you want to literally rob a plain one from a bar, it is next to impossible to buy a plain glass shot glass in this city! There were toned down versions, but I thought I may as well go all out for the sake of this blog post!
Niamh x

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