My 6 Shopping Rules

I’ve been doing a lot of talking about different fashion brands lately, and how they can make and are making an effort to be more sustainable and ethical. If you missed my previous two posts, check them out here and here. All of this talk has really impacted how I feel about the different brands that I support and wear. I thought it might be interesting to share my 6 shopping rules since I am finding myself on the topic a lot lately.

6 Shopping Rules, Niamh O'Sullivan

These are the points that I try to bear in mind when I’m feeling spendy!

1 – 3o Wears

It’s hard when new trends come and ago that we can get excited about, but I’m really trying to stick to the 30 wears rule. This essentially means that you shouldn’t buy something unless you think it will be worn at least 30 times. I’m probably the furthest thing from adventurous when it comes to what I wear, so this isn’t the most challenging thing for me thankfully. I like my neutral colours and my classic staples. That being said, you do have to treat yourself every now and again, so I may or may not have purchased this dress today from Topshop!

2 – The Most Important Question

“Will everyone else own this”. I constantly ask myself this question when I see something that I can just tell will be really popular. To be honest, this question is kind of one of the main reasons why I haven’t shopped in Zara in months. I feel as though I see the same tops and jackets on about 20 people each season, which is understandable because they’re always so nice! I personally hate being in the same place in the same outfit as someone else so I try shop off the beaten track when I can!

3 – Conscious Brands

Brands that have a sustainability statement on their website, or a social or ethical policy will always be my preference from now on.

4 – Seasonally Neutral

I love the idea of investing in pieces that can be worn year round. A classic white tee / shirt, different styles of jeans, a light jumper or flattering tops are what I find will last in summer and in winter for me.

5 – Timeless

Carrying on from my last point. There are pieces that can be worn year round, but then there are also classic pieces that are worth investing in each season. Maybe a beautiful white dress for summer, a classic trench coat for Autumn, or a timeless hand bag in general.

6 – Flattering

I’m at the point now where I know exactly what necklines, cuts and fits of clothes suit me and my body the best. I know what I’m comfortable in, and I rarely stray for these styles. For me personally, I have a  flat chest, flat bum and no waist. I try to opt for clothes that give me a shape and flatter my best bits. I like my arms and legs, so I’ll generally wear skinny jeans, or something sleeveless to put a focus on these areas. I’ll also try and get something to sinch me in at the waist to create an illusion of a bit of a curve! It’s all about trial and error with these things, and while online shopping is definitely my preference, sometimes you just need to things on to know how they suit you.

So there you have it, the 6 shopping rules that I do my best to follow each time I shop.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Let me know if there are any other rules that you follow,

Niamh xx

6 Shopping Rules, Niamh O'Sullivan

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