My Morning Rituals

Hello and Happy Thursday! I decided today that I would talk about my morning rituals, because I feel like I really am most productive first thing in the morning so maybe this will help someone else to be too!

So if you’ve been keeping up with the blog, you’ll have seen I recently shared a blog post on a Lemon & Ginger morning shot concoction that I whipped up last week. I’ve started this week having one each morning, I usually make it the night before and leave it to chill in the fridge overnight so I can grab and go the next day. It’s hard to get used to at first because it really is a shock to the system but honestly, nothing wakes me up more! My sister tried it and said it actually kept her fuller the morning too! Since I usually go to the gym first thing, I’m always starving afterwards regardless so I can’t say that it kept me fuller for longer unfortunately!

What I try to do:

No phone – I try to leave my phone as far away from my bed as possible before I go to sleep, so that when the alarm goes off I have no choice but to get up. Staying away from the bed after this is the tricky part!

Organization – I always ensure to have my bags packed and every single thing I need for the morning laid out beside my bed, socks, knickers, everything! Can you see how I’m trying to make this as painless a process as possible!? Haha!

Breakfast – I always prepare my overnight oats the night before, lately I’ve been using 30grams of Flahavans oats, a scoop of soy protein isolate from My Protein, a few drops of My Protein Flavor Drops, and soaking overnight in unsweetened cashew milk – divine! I add protein to my oats because I usually try to get a workout in in the morning so I always make sure I’m getting some protein in as soon as possible post workout. If it’s the weekend I always, without fail, will add a spoonful of Nuts ‘n More Toffee Nut butter, it is literally the best tasting nut butter on the planet – and I would not say that lightly – trust me!

What I try to avoid:

No notifications – I always try (emphasis on try) to avoid starting my day by not checking my phone before I do anything else. This is literally the worst habit that I have. I’m always doing well to wake up on time, and then I proceed to spend about 20 minutes trawling Instagram and end up running late on a daily basis.

Disorganization – There is nothing that will start your day off on the wrong foot like rushing around and being disorganized, so I always really regret when I’ve been lazy the night before! Avoid leaving outfit decisions until the morning time, it’s so frustrating being held up because your shirt needs to be ironed and you’re trying to figure out if someone will notice!

Coffee – Coffee first thing is a no no. While I probably relied on coffee first thing in the morning for the past year of my life, I’ve started trying to hold off on it until 11am now. I hate feeling reliant on something and feeling as though my day can’t start until I have it is just a bad habit in my opinion. If you’re feeling as though you literally can’t function first thing in the morning without it, then I think you definitely need to reevaluate your sleep or your diet.

I hope everyone had a super week, even though we’re getting great weather here at the moment too, I would love just one day of Ireland in the sun!

Niamh x

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