#NeverStopPlaying – Things To Do This Summer

#NeverStopPlaying - Things To Do This Summer

We’re all guilty of spending too much time wishing we were elsewhere, and not enjoying what we have here in Ireland. So I thought I’d share a list of fun events, workshops and classes that can be enjoyed right on your doorstep here in Ireland to make this summer your most playful yet.

One of my personal favourite events so far this year was the Magnum Playhouse which recently took place in Cafe en Seine to celebrate the launch of the new Magnum White Chocolate and Cookies. As you might know, I am a proud Magnum Mbassador again this Summer, and I’m delighted to be spreading the word about their Never Stop Playing campaign. The aim of this campaign is to encourage us all to bring out our playful sides and have fun this Summer– and, of course, every experience is made all the better with a Magnum White Chocolate & Cookies; Magnum’s most playful creation yet!

Read on for my top 10 fun activities to do across Ireland this summer to ensure you #NeverStopPlaying this summer! 

1. Floral Fun

Nothing compares to gorgeous fresh blooms when you want to brighten up your home or lift your mood. I’ve always loved the idea of getting a lesson in flower arranging. The good news is, there are a few different options in Dublin that you can choose from if, like me, this is still on your to-do list and you adore flowers. I’m going to be attending a workshop myself soon, so keep an eye on my stories if this is something you might be interested in. 

There are many different classes available this summer, and I’ve found two places that look like the perfect places to indulge in a little floral fun.

For more information, see here for information on workshops with The Crate, and here, for information on classes in Lulabelle Flowers.


2. Get Playful With Pottery

I feel like I’ll be saying this for everything I list in this post, but a ceramics class is something that I’ve always wanted to do. I love the idea of getting playful with clay and creating my own pottery pieces.

This morning, my friend Katie and I went to the Sunday Throwing Workshop in Arran Street East. I was really looking forward to it, but honestly, it totally exceeded my expectations. We both agreed that the class was so enjoyable, personable & quite therapeutic too! I found the process of shaping the clay on the potters wheel so relaxing. It’s a quite lighthearted class, but you still come out feeling accomplished and with your own little creations. I would suggest grabbing a friend or two and booking in for one of the workshops. It could even be a cute place to go on a date!

Where: Arran Street East, Dublin // When: There are many dates & classes to choose from on the Arran Street East website.

Find out more information here.


3. Midsummers Night’s Dream

One of Shakespeare’s most playful plays, this romantic-comedy Midsummers Night’s Dream will be brought to life in a summer garden theatre in one of my favourite counties, Waterford. Watch the action unfold with a Magnum White Chocolate & Cookies in hand!

Where: Portlaw, Co. Waterford // When: 23rd of June

Find out more information here.


4. Make Magic at a Mosaic Workshop

This is a brilliant way to indulge your creative side, have fun creating something gorgeous and learn a new fun skill in a friendly environment. I love the sound of it, every single person comes out of the class with something totally unique and gorgeous. 

Where: Dublin 24 // When: 17th of August

Find out more information here.


5. Take a Spin on The Greenway

The Waterford Greenway is a recently refurbished 46km walking and cycling trail between Waterford & Dungarvan. It boasts spectacular views along the old railway line that it’s built on. I’ve only ever walked different parts of the Greenway, but this Summer I’m going to make sure I cycle (part of) it! I’ll be sure to bring you along with me on my Insta-stories when I venture down in July. This is definitely something that you could do in a day if you were travelling from Dublin, so there really is no excuse, if you have a day free & want to get playful. Make sure you stop into the Coach House for lunch!

Where: Waterford Greenway // When: All Summer long!

Find out more information here.


6. Brilliant Boho Wall Art Workshop

Since doing up my office recently, I have a newfound love for all things interiors related. This Macramé wall hanging workshop would be such a cool thing to go to. It will teach you the basics in knotting techniques and you’ll go home with your own unique bohemian wall design that will inject a bit of life and colour into your home – so the fun lasts way longer than just the workshop itself!

Where: Dublin 1 // When: 29th of June

Find out more information here.


7. Take Flight at a Silks & Aerial Hoop Workshop

Although I’m the most inflexible and awkward person you’ll meet, I’ve always really wanted to try a class like this. I know that it would push me right out of my comfort zone, but that’s what I want to do more of this summer! It sounds and looks like a lot of fun.

Where: Dublin 2 // When: 15th & 30th of June

Find out more information here.


8. Get Creative in Kinsale

Kinsale Pottery & Arts Centre specialises in pottery/ceramics, glass fusing, jewellery-making, and mosaic-making. Get inventive & playful in your class of choice, in stunning County Cork.

Where: Kinsale , Co. Cork // When: There are lots of classes to choose from

Find out more information here.


9. Surf’s Up in Sligo

We’re lucky enough to have some of the best surf on this side of the world in Ireland, so whether you’re a novice or a pro, make this the summer you catch a wave in Strandhill. Fun fact: I actually have a surfboard of my own…would you believe me if I said I wasn’t the worst surfer?! It’s a great way to spend an afternoon, and you’ll work up an appetite too! Make sure to reward yourself with a Magnum White Chocolate & Cookies afterwards, you’ll have earned it! 

Where: Strandhill, Co. Sligo // When: All Summer long!

Find out more information here.


10. Paint & Prosecco

This is a fabulous way to spend a few hours, either with a group of friends, or your other half. Each person starts the class with a blank canvas, an image to recreate, & a glass of prosecco. Whether you’re gifted in the art department or not, it doesn’t matter. I recently took a class with a friend and surprised myself with how much I enjoyed it.

Find out more information here.

#NeverStopPlaying - Things To Do This Summer

& if all else fails, you’ve got the classic Dublin hotspots to enjoy, like…

& something a little further afield…

Thank you for reading, I hope you got some inspiration for fun ways to spend your free time this Summer. If I’ve missed any must do’s, please let me know!

See you in the next one,

Niamh x

*A huge thank you to Magnum for partnering with me on this post.

#NeverStopPlaying - Things To Do This Summer

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