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This month is one that is full of changes for me, & I couldn’t be happier about it to be honest. If you follow my Instagram page, you’ll know that I have finally picked up the keys to my new apartment (rented, not bought – maybe in my next lifetime!), and I’ll be moving up to Dublin in a few short weeks! This has been a long time coming, but that’s a story for another day. Alongside these changes in my personal life, I’m also giving my online presence a major facelift in the form of a complete rebrand by Limelight Media. I’m so excited to share it with you – let me know what you think?

I recently came across the lovely ladies from Limelight Media on Instagram, and after seeing examples of their work, I knew that they were the women I wanted to work with on this project. They’re also a small Irish business, based in Cork. I know that blogs & websites aren’t as popular nowadays as they used to be – but this is more than just a logo refresh 

I’m lucky enough to be able to do this online thang – Instagramming / blogging / content creating, whatever you want to call it, as my full time job. I say lucky, but I’m also wary and careful about using that word, because I don’t know how much luck was involved in getting to this point. It’s undoubtedly more work than what someone on the outside looking in might guess, but that’s another story for another day. 

So anyway, I view it like this: my online presence is my CV, my storefront. It’s a visual representation of the content that I put out, the work that I do, and an example of the work that I can do for potential brand partners. It’s so important to me that I strike the right balance between the personal side of things (ie. chatting to you guys on my IG stories, sharing snippets of home life, the dogs, what I’m having for dinner etc) & keeping it professional (ie. high quality imagery & video that provides value to those who follow me, limited use of profanity because my Mum squirms when I swear, & creating content for brands that I love that’s useful for you & for them in terms of recommendations, messaging & visuals etc). I started working with my amazing photographer Orfhlaith at the beginning of this year, and she completely transformed things for me in terms of visuals on my Instagram – not lately though thanks to Covid! Once imagery was taken care of & where I wanted it to be, it was time to look at everything else. The rebrand that I’m sharing today is taking my website to a level that I’m so proud of, and streamlining my work across all of my channels.

I dealt with Anna & Phil from Limelight Media, who worked so hard to provide me with everything that I needed to take everything to the next level, and I truly couldn’t be happier. 

After an intro chat on the phone a few weeks ago, here’s what we decided was required based on my needs:

  • A fresh new logo with my full name to be used on my website, in my email signature, on my invoices & as part of any material shared with brands that I work with. 
  • Guidance on core colours to stick to and lean on across the board with my content, these are the same as or matching those in my logo. 
  • Motion graphic videos that will be at the end of all of my Instagram & YouTube videos going forward – this helps to keep everything streamlined. 
  • Additional imagery that are visuals showing my talking points and core focuses, like the below. Limelight Media, Niamh O'Sullivan

This is what I needed, but it’s just a drop in the ocean in comparison to what Limelight Media offer. Limelight Media are a creative marketing agency, so they not only create beautiful brands, but they also help companies to market themselves correctly across online and offline platforms.

Once a company decides on a new logo and brand, Limelight Media then help to implement this to ensure it hits the correct audience and ultimately creates strong brand recognition and increases revenue. The team is very hands on and provide brands & businesses with help, support and guidance every step of the way.

Some of their services include:

Here’s one of their own graphics which shares even more services. My initial impression was that this company is a one-stop-shop for all marketing needs – which is ideal for those who require their services. 

Limelight Media, Niamh O'Sullivan

While I’m here, and just incase you need more convincing of why something like a rebrand or generation of a streamlined online presence is so important, I wanted to share some of the benefits…

Benefits of Branding 

Whether it’s personal branding or business branding, here’s why it’s important:

  • It brings a professional element to your online presence & content.
  • It helps to keep everything streamlined. Take me for example, if a new set of eyes were to land on my website and social pages next week – my logo & my graphics are consistent across the board. Everything would match in terms of colour & will match my colour theme in my imagery too. It’s visually appealing and something that your subconscious would pick up on – well, mine would anyway! 
  • It helps to distinguish your vibe and your values from the offset. For a business especially, when it comes to your tone of voice, your values & your price point, for example, this is all reinforced by your visual brand. 
  • It makes you more credible. With a professional feeling on your website and social media, this is undeniable. 
  • It shows that you’re consistent & serious, in my opinion anyway. This isn’t to say that you aren’t consistent or serious if this isn’t a priority, but it certainly helps to appear that way when you’ve invested time and energy into how you’re represented visually. 

So anyway, there you have it. My exciting little update that I’m so thrilled to share with you all. I’d love to know what you think?

For any other content creators, small businesses, or even larger businesses who are toying with the idea of developing your online presence or switching it up entirely – I couldn’t recommend Limelight Media highly enough. You can reach out to them directly for more information on what you need. I’ve listed their contact details below. I really hope you found this interesting and useful! 

Lots of love, 

Niamh xx 

*Huge thank you to the fabulous Phil & Anna for collaborating with me on this project. xx

Limelight Media, Niamh O'Sullivan

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