Planning a Baby Shower

It’s been quite a while since my last post, which is a good complaint because it means I’m very busy. Yay! Today’s post is going to cover everything you need to know about planning a baby shower for the special person in your life who is expecting a bundle of joy. 

Planning a baby shower is all about treating your friend / sister / whoever it is to an exciting day pre-baby. One of my very best friends is 7 months pregnant, so I think I’ve been secretly planning this day since she told me she was pregnant in the first place. Ok, maybe the day after… I love finding any excuse to celebrate something.

Steps to follow when planning a baby shower:

  1. Ask the mum-to-be what she needs. This makes for incredibly functional gift giving and basically took care of our friends “to-buy” list for the new baba. Obviously she won’t want to give you a list of things knowing that you will buy some or a lot of them, but encourage her that it makes a lot more sense than having her return things that she’s been given doubles of.
  2. Start a WhatsApp group with the organisers and the goers – super handy for letting everyone know all the details and updates. People love getting involved in this sort of thing!
  3. Ask another new-mum for her opinion on different brands of presents that you’re going to buy. Thankfully, one of the girls in our friend group has a little girl, so she was brilliant for advising on whats worth buying and whats worth steering clear of.
  4. Share the present list in your WhatsApp group, provide links to each thing that needs to be bought and invite people to claim what they want to buy on a first come first serve basis. It’s the easiest way if there is a large group!
  5. Decide on a theme for the shower. Now, you don’t have to lose the run of yourself here as things can get expensive quickly. We stuck with a baby blue theme to keep it simple and because we knew she was having a boy, obviously.
  6. Spend the best part of 3 weeks on Pinterest. Lol, I wish I was joking… Pinterest could probably be classified as a hobby of mine by now so naturally I got sucked down a rabbit hole every time I went in search of new ideas. I made a baby shower specific board which you can see here, and I previously made a “CELEBRATE” board which is also a good source of inspiration for any celebration.
  7. Organise your cake and balloons very well in advance, they book up so fast! We got our “OH BOY” balloons from Woodies and our Nike Cortez cake from The Cake Fairy Athgarvan. (“HEY GIRL” balloons would be so cute for a girl!)
  8. Try to incorporate things into the day that the mum-to-be loves. The day is all about her and the baby, but it’s nice to let her know that you really thought about what she loves. Our friend adores Nike Cortez, Diet Coke and Popcorn and Minstrels mixed together. So we had baby version runners on the cake, plenty of Diet Coke, and put Minstrels in our “Ready to Pop” popcorn bags.
  9. On the day, make sure you set up well in advance, and keep all of the decorations and finer details as a surprise if possible, it makes it much more exciting. If you’re having games them maybe plan out a structure to the day so that people know when to eat, when to give gifts etc etc. Our friend didn’t want any games so we just had little activities that people could do throughout the day.

Our activities:

  • Nail painting
  • Signing nappies

Where to shop:

Woodies – great for the popcorn bags, bunting, balloons, straws & other party pieces

Local Eurosaver (Donal’s in Newbridge was great for us!)

Primark – we picked up lots of different nail polishes here.

Themes for boys:

  • Teddy Bear
  • Elephant
  • Sailor
  • Moustache Bash
  • Fox
  • Animal
  • Superhero

Themes for girls:

  • Teddy Bear
  • Unicorn
  • Princess
  • Disney
  • Mermaid
  • Tutu cute
  • Little Lady

General themes:

  • Teddy Bear – someone please have a teddy bear themed shower!!!
  • “Hello World”
  • Specific colour – maybe a yellow theme or an all white theme
  • Twinkle, twinkle, little star

I’ve included a few photos from the day which I hope you enjoy. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about where we got certain decorations or anything else. Now I’m just patiently waiting for my next friend to announce a pregnancy so that I can get back to work, haha!

Lots of love, & happy planning!

Niamh x

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