Quest Bar *Pizza*

Sorry what? A Quest bar pizza? I clearly have way too much time on my hands. This was a really successful experiment though!

Quest Bar Pizza

I love a good quest bar, and I love a good chocolate/strawberry combo, so why not go for it? A Quest bar pizza is just the general idea though, layer up whatever toppings you fancy. Mmmmm, you can’t beat a clean treat!

There’s really not much to this one at all. It’s SO simple! Obviously it’s a bit more effort than popping your Quest bar in the microwave and enjoying as it is, but if you’re feeling adventurous, give it a go!


Recipe for my Quest bar pizza:

1 Quest bar (whatever flavour you fancy)

1 tbsp of Greek yoghurt

½ tsp of honey

1 dollop of nut butter – I used almond butter

Handful of chopped strawberries



  1. Mix all your wet ingredients in a bowl & set aside
  2. Put the Quest bar in the microwave for ten seconds
  3. Roll out Quest bar as flat as you like
  4. Lob all of those toppings on
  5. Eat!


Quest Bar Pizza
This could turn into an addiction for me, it’s so good though!

Enjoy x

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