Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Review

Ok, after many questions on my trusty little Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, I’ve decided to do a little review on my thoughts. You may know already that I’m a Samsung Ambassador (still SO excited about the whole thing to be honest) and if not, you can read more about that here.

As part of my ambassadorship, I am extremely lucky to be able to try out new products, and share my thoughts on them if I feel it’s something that I really want you to know about. I’m currently using the Note9 phone, the Galaxy Smart Watch, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. Out of all of these products, the Tab S4 seems to be what people are the most interested in! I’m going to go into detail on the phone and the watch in the lead up to Christmas, but for now I want to focus my attention on the tablet. I know that a lot of people are considering investing in one on Black Friday, and I’m here to tell you about my experience – to help you make the right decision for you.

Side note: While I am an ambassador, I have not been asked by Samsung to specifically talk about this product at this point in time to promote it in the lead up to the sales, I am genuinely just sharing my thoughts as I’ve had a good few questions come in about it. 

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

I have to say, my experience with the Tab S4 has been absolutely brilliant so far. If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that this gadget features heavily in my day-to-day “goings-on”. When it comes to going to meetings, I’m constantly reaching for this instead of my laptop. It’s ten times lighter and is just a lot less bulky. I also never need to bring any chargers with me as the battery life is so good. It’s slotted into my daily life seamlessly, and I would be lost without it at this stage.


  • It is incredibly lightweight
  • It works like a PC with an attachable keyboard and mouse (these are sold separately)
  • The S Pen allows you to treat the tablet like paper, perfect for someone like me who constantly is jotting down notes and to-do lists
  • The battery life is amazing, you can watch up to 16 hours of video with one full charge
  • Speaking of, it charges so quickly- just over 3 hours will give you a full battery
  • The sound system for music/movies is brilliant – test this out and you’ll see what I mean, it’s almost like a surround sound!
  • You can unlock it with iris scanning and face technology – so handy


  • For me, when I was switching from Apple, it did take a little while to familiarise myself with the different operating system. You get used to it quickly though
  • Sometimes it’s a little slow to instantly turn into a writing pad when it’s locked, you have to double tap the screen and press the S pen twice- or something like that! I can honestly never remember and it takes me a little while (this is one of my favourite features though when it works quickly!)
  • Unless you have a cover for your tablet, there is a high possibility that you might lose the S pen that comes with it. I know mine is currently somewhere in my room hiding from me

I hope you found my pros and cons useful. I want to be as transparent with you as possible about my experience, no product in the world is perfect for everyone so I will always be totally honest about how I’ve found it. I know that there are countless more pros, and potentially a few more cons depending on what exactly you want from the tablet. 

Samsung S4 Tablet

Where can you buy it?

You can purchase it directly from Samsung, Currys PC World (on offer at the moment in their Black Tag event), Littlewoods, and any other big electrical store. Prices vary depending on where you buy it and certain offers that are on at the time.

I hope you found this post helpful. I enjoyed putting it together and will continue to add to my pros and cons list here as I come across new features and purposes for the S4 Tablet.

I’m the furthest thing from a tech guru, but if you have any questions, let me know!

Niamh x

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