September Resolutions

I got the idea for this post a few weeks ago when I got a DM asking did I have any resolutions for this time of the year. At the time I didn’t, but I thought that it would definitely be worth trying to jot down a few September resolutions to try and be mindful of the things I want to do/achieve before the year is over.

Can I also just mention again how crazy it is that we are already this far along in the year?! It scares me so much! I feel like I’m going to blink and I’ll be 90 years old!!!

September Resolutions, winter resolutions, Niamh O'Sullivan

My September Resolutions

Switch up your exercise routine

So going against everything that any other blogger or fitness person will recommend, I actually decided to quit my gym at the end of August. The reason for this was because it was turning into the biggest waste of money for me. I get so bored SO quickly, and when it comes to pushing myself in the gym, I just struggle so much. I’ve been training with Shelly and going to her classes since April and that is where I truly commit to getting sweaty and putting in a good workout. For the days that I can’t make it to a class, I’ve bought myself a 12kg kettle bell & have a yoga mat with lots of resistance bands that I can do at-home workouts with. I know I said I find it hard to push myself, but I also find it harder to work out in front of people even if they are strangers. I know I will find it easier in the privacy of my garage.

Meet new people

A funny one at this stage in my life, but unfortunately I’m losing a lot of friends at the moment to moving abroad and travelling. I’m delighted for them all, but feel a bit sad about it at the same time. I did my time abroad when I moved to NYC at 23, but now it’s my friends turn. I wish we all just left at the same time and then could be home at the same time, but that’s life isn’t it?! I can’t wait to see how they get on, and I might even try and visit some of them along the way at some point. So anyway, back to the point. I really want to try and meet new people with similar interests to me. I have a great network of fellow bloggers who I really do have so much in common with when it comes to this part of my life, but I also have so many other aspects of my life that would be great to enjoy with other people. Which leads me on to my next point…

Learn something new

Whether it’s a new skill, learning about something or just starting a new hobby, I love this idea! I know a lot of us barely have time to scratch ourselves in the evenings after work, and the weekends are dedicated to catching up on life, with friends, and sleep. But I really have an urge to up-skill at something at the moment. I really really really want to do some form of cookery class between now and Christmas, and I really want to better understand how recycling and sustainability in fashion really works. Maybe for you, it’s trying a new workout class, or brushing up on the language you did for the Leaving Cert. Whatever it may be, I think it’s a nice idea to push yourself out of your comfort zone and try something different.

September Resolutions, winter resolutions, Niamh O'Sullivan

Start fresh

I couldn’t talk about September resolutions and not touch on cleaning and decluttering.  I randomly got #Hinched yesterday, and my mum and I have not stopped scrubbing the house since! If you know, you know! But to nutshell what I mean by #Hinched, Mrs Hinch is a lady in the UK who has literally exploded on Instagram from sharing her cleaning tips and tricks. She’s amazing! For reference, I looked back on her Instagram, and on the 1st of August she hit 6K followers, and at the moment she has something like 430K! Incredible! I would highly recommend following her, and giving your home a deep clean. Also, pack away your summer clothes and get ready for a gorgeous Autumn! This is my favourite time of the year.

Try something different

Maybe you feel like cutting your hair (I feel like everyone is doing that at the moment & I LOVE it) or just wearing different clothes that you would typically shy away from…September sometimes feels like a mini January, so it’s a great time to try something different.

September Resolutions, winter resolutions, Niamh O'Sullivan

I hope you really enjoyed this post! I love putting this type of one together. There a lot of travel coming up for me over the next few weeks which is SO exciting, I’m honestly pinching myself. But I’m still determined to keep my posts here as regular as possible. I never dreamed the blog could keep me as busy as it is at the moment but I am so grateful for it. It’s keeping me from some other projects that I was focused on, mainly my start-up that I am working on, but everything will happen when it is supposed to and in good time. Feels like a life update blog post might be coming in the next week or two now after touching on this!

Thank you so much for reading and for the unwavering support,

Niamh xx

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September Resolutions, winter resolutions, Niamh O'Sullivan

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