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Good morning and happy Saturday! I wrote this post somewhere over the middle of the Atlantic as I made my way home for the weekend. A flying visit, but one that I am so excited for. Staying on track is going to be tricky but I’m up for the challenge! 

This weekend my family and I are finally getting around to celebrating Christmas together. That sounds weird, but if you have been following along you’ll know that my Dad got very sick a few days before Christmas last year, so the four us us were separated for it unfortunately. We haven’t had a family Christmas dinner in over five years so to say I’m looking forward to us all sitting down and enjoying some good food is an understatement. 

While I’m using that meal as the ultimate cheat meal and not taking any heed of the amount I consume, I am going to try and stay somewhat on my plan this weekend. I’ve been out of work sick this week and so have been unable to go to the gym which is definitely frustrating…but it’s totally out of my control so I’m not beating myself up too much. 

To stay on track (but still enjoy myself) on a very tempting weekend, I will do the following…

Pick a protein source – with every meal I’m choosing a lean protein source to take up a large portion of my plate. I’m not cutting any carbs or fats but I am going to focus on hitting my protein targets for each of the days I’m here (whilst also trying to not go over on overall calories).

Water – with long distance travel comes the dreaded bloating. I’ve been drinking barely any water this week because I was out of work and just felt rotten. I’m trying to get back up to at least two liters a day and I already feel ten times better.

Loosely track macros – I’ve been on my meal plan from Recalibrated Bodies for three weeks now. I definitely have a rough idea of what I should be eating and how much of it which is really helpful. There definitely is a bit of guesstimation with each meal but weighing out each meal isn’t going to fly when my Mum is cooking for the whole family.

Home workouts – Amanda and Daniel from Recalibrated Bodies have been so helpful and have given me home workouts for each day that I’m here.

Bottomless brunch – of course the weekend I come home also ended up being the same weekend of one of my best friend Katie’s birthdays. I’m going up to Dublin for bottomless brunch today in Cleaver East and I cannot wait! Like I did before with bottomless brunch a couple of weeks ago, lots and lots of water will be consumed. I’m going to try and go for the healthiest option on the menu and just hope for the best!

SLEEP! – If there is one thing I will be doing as much of as possible this weekend, apart from catching up with everyone at home, it will be sleeping! I can’t even begin to explain how much I appreciate silence and my own bed.

It may seem a bit extreme to not just totally enjoy myself and let loose but I really am so determined to do my best to stay on track and see results with this program. I also know my body, and exactly how I feel after a binge – it’s never pretty!

Hope that you enjoyed this quick little catch up. Have a great weekend!

Niamh x

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Photos by Claire Petersen

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