Staying on Track Until Christmas

Staying on track until Christmas is definitely tricky once December rocks around and your house just starts filling to the brim with Pringles and Quality Street. I fortunately/unfortunately don’t have those temptations this year until the 21st of December, so I’m setting my goals and aiming high for the next two weeks. 

Staying on Track Until ChristmasStaying on Track Until ChristmasIt’s inevitable that there will be overeating with every single meal once I get home, so I definitely want to get into good habits and not let myself go just yet. I’m all about making room for the good food in Ireland! I feel like people really want to look their best over the holidays. It’s the one time of year that you’re absolutely guaranteed to bump into everyone you know at home. It’s the best time of year for catching up and seeing those familiar faces. And let’s be frank, who doesn’t want to look their best for that?! It’s definitely a bit late in the game to start a new full on fitness regime, but there’s always little adjustments you can make to better your diet and habits. Staying on Track Until Christmas

I’ve listed a few motivators below to keep in mind to stay on the band wagon for the days leading up to silly season.

  1. Exercise improves your mood (not that we need any more mood enhancers!)
  2. Get the fitness momentum going for when you go hell for leather in January
  3. Make room for some extra stuffing
  4. You’ll earn your dinner, and alllll of the gravy.
  5. You’ll fit into that dress much betterStaying on Track Until Christmas

You can make simple adjustments like doing one piece of exercise every single day. You can try to snack only on fruit instead of reaching for the biscuits. There’s always ways to improve how we eat and what we do every day, you just need to want to do them.

I shot these photos last weekend with Claire. This top and bag are 100% going to get very good wear over Christmas. I cant even explain how excited I am to get home and see my family and all of my friends. We’ve booked into San Lorenzo’s in town for a Christmas dinner with the girls so I’m already picking what I want to order on the night. Does anyone else do that?!Staying on Track Until ChristmasStaying on Track Until Christmas

Photos by Claire Petersen

Top Asos // Bag Louise et Cie

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