Stiall – Ethics Meets Aesthetics

If you haven’t heard of Stiall, you need to keep reading. Stiall is an Irish company founded by Linda Conway, a huge advocate for conscious fashion in Ireland.

I picked up this gorgeous jumper dress from Stiall a few weeks ago, and I’m thrilled with it. I got it in a size medium, and it’s perfect for me. It’s made from Organic Merino Wool, is vegan, has a low CO2 footprint & was designed in Barcelona. Knowing all of these details about this dress makes me realise just how much I don’t know about everything else in my wardrobe. It’s a scary thought really…I’m so happy to be introducing this ethical piece into my every day style – #30Wears here I come!

If you, like me, still find this entire topic very confusing, you’ll be happy to know that Stiall puts a huge amount of effort into educating people. It’s not just a place where you can shop confidently from transparent and conscious brands. For example, Circular Fashion is something that I had never heard of before – you need to read this! It’s so interesting. If you head to the Stories tab on their website, you will find everything you need to know about sustainable fashion- it’s a hub of incredibly valuable information.

Stiall - Ethics Meets Aesthetics

Anyway, they have some gorgeous bits and pieces that would make for some timeless additions to your wardrobe this Winter. Shop some of my favourites below.

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  1. Fiona
    November 3, 2018 / 9:32 am

    Niamh just so you know, if something contains wool it is most definitely not vegan. Vegan products don’t contain anything of animal origin. Merino wool, whether organic or not, still comes from sheep.

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