Summer Style Essentials – #30Wears

I want to share the key pieces that I couldn’t live without this summer. I feel as though I’m starting to get my wardrobe to a very #30Wears friendly place. For the last year I’ve been avoiding some of the major fast fashion retailers – the brands that aren’t conscious of the environment, people, or anything for that matter. These are the brands whose clothes will not withstand the test of time in terms of their quality and style – two things that are so key when it comes to #30Wears.

I try and stay as timeless and as classic with my personal style as possible. It’s hard to avoid trendier pieces, when they’re in our faces all over the internet. I’ve learned from experience though that I never get my money’s worth when it comes to brighter, bolder colours and prints. The colour palette in my wardrobe is pretty much 90% neutral tones – whites, creams, nudes, blacks and denim. I do love a pop of colour every now and again though, but it takes me a little longer to decide on those pieces before purchasing.

Below are the key pieces that I’m wearing over and over this summer. I hope you find it useful if you’re trying to be more of a conscious shopper. For me, it’s all down to the shape that suits your body, the style that you are comfortable in, and the fabrics that are nice to wear, and that will last.

A White shirt

It took me a while to find the right white shirt for me. I would strongly suggest investing in a really good quality shirt as opposed to opting for a cheaper fabric that isn’t as breathable or good quality. A good white shirt should last for years, because it will never go out of style. My favourite one that you will have seen me wear many times is from DKNY – I picked it up in TK Maxx a few months ago. Here are some more nice ones that I found…

A T-Shirt

I always used to steer clear of t-shirts as I never felt like they suited me, but I’ve since found two that I live in. Once you figure out the shape that suits you best, and how you can dress them up & down, it’s plain sailing. My favourite style for my shape (I’m a size 8 on top and flat as a pancake) is a crew neck. Tommy Hilfiger tees are amazing, and I have another one from Mint Velvet that I always reach for.



I’m a basics lover through and through. I have more tank tops, bodysuits & long sleeve tops than I wish to admit to… I find that if you can get your hands on a good quality basic, like the square neck long sleeve top from Whistles below, then no matter what you wear them with, your outfit is effortless and simple. I also wouldn’t be able to enjoy summer dressing like I have done so far without my bralet from Free People. I’m so grateful to Sinead Keary for recommending it!


Light knits

I wish we didn’t need light knits this summer, but unfortunately we do. I’m a massive cashmere fan – Lucy Nagle pieces are just to die for. I also really rate & Other Stories for nice knitwear that lasts well.


Straight leg blue jeans

I’m just having a moment with straight leg jeans right now. I find them so comfortable and flattering to wear.


Straight leg white jeans



No explanation needed – I live in my Veja runners. I get questions about whether they are comfortable, and for me they are, but everyone’s feet are different. (I wear gel insoles in all of my shoes because I have such flat feet though so maybe if you find Veja’s don’t have the support that you need, do the same)



I had a bit of a nightmare with my loafers earlier this month, but thankfully it was all resolved. See more here. How and ever though, there’s no denying how timeless and #30Wears friendly they are.


I hope you enjoyed this post. I didn’t want to overload it with a huge amount of links to different products, I moreso wanted to focus on keeping it simple and sticking to the basics.

Niamh x

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