Sunday Snacking Sorted

Good morning & happy Sunday! I am currently out in The Hamptons with the girls, it is so nice to get out of the city and see the sea again! I thought I might share a recipe this morning to make sure you have your Sunday snacking sorted and your treats for the week ready to go if anything survives today!

I made these Almond Butter Cookies on the same night that I whipped up these Almond & Coconut Slices. That night led to a lot of overeating, but it’s too difficult to not eat something when there’s no physical room to put it anywhere in your tiny apartment except your stomach… Almonds are definitely my favorite nuts/nut butter. They’re jam packed with vitamin E which is super for your skin and your immune system too, definitely a staple in my every day diet. I know that they are still quite high in good fats, but I just think that a high fat snack like these is still ten times better than a mars bar or that sugar filled granola bar that is deceivingly unhealthy.

I hope everyone had a super weekend, I really cannot believe that it’s already mid May!? You can keep up with the rest of our antics in The Hamptons on Snapchat (niamhos21) & Instagram (@niamh_osullivan).

Niamh x

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