The Big Switch – iPhone to Samsung

After 12 long years of pure and total Apple-product-dedication (it’s a thing), I’ve decided it’s time to change it up. I’m making the big switch from iPhone to Samsung.

Why move?

I think we’ve all been there. You buy an iPhone and the photo quality and overall functionality is AMAZING…until they release a new model, and it’s as if there’s a message that they send out to all phones that tells them to start slowly deteriorating and shutting down. I’m not a massive fan of how Apple as a whole is a very closed network brand. I know that not all brands are very “open”, but Apple has to be the worst for this in my opinion. They kind of force you into buying so many add ons and extras for your devices. For example, when I bought my Macbook Pro last year, I ended up having to buy two separate adapters for everyghing I needed (HDMI, USB, memory cards etc) and it ended up costing over 100Euro extra on top of what was already an expensive purchase. Again, that was just my experience based on my needs, but it defintiely left a sour taste in my mouth. At the same time though, I’m not going to sit here and slate Apple and say they’re rubbish, because they’re not. So many people wouldn’t use them if they were, realistically. I personally just felt like I was ready for a change after so many years. And as camera functionality started to become increasingly important in my work, it felt like the perfect brand to switch to was Samsung.

The whole move to Samsung started very slowly for me, and certainly wasn’t a quick decision. The guys over at Samsung got in touch with me at the start of the summer and very kindly invited me to trial one of their phones for a few weeks. I happily took them up on the offer and really enjoyed using it, mainly for the amazing camera. To be honest, that’s probably what I spend 90% of my phone screentime on – taking pictures and then editing them. So the camera is very important to me. At the end of the summer, they (again, kindly) invited me over to London for a day trip to attend the launch of the new Note9 phone, the Galaxy watch, and the Tab S4. It was so cool to have product specialists walk us through each device, and to play with them in person. A few weeks after this, when I was still very keen to learn more about Samsung as a brand, the conversation opened up about becoming an ambassador. I couldn’t have been happier! So here we are!!!


It would be impossible to lie when it comes to the actual experience of moving your data from one device to another. Because if you do decide to switch, then you’ll experience it yourself first hand. I mean it when I say it couldn’t be simpler. To put it into laymans terms and to nutshell the process…

Samsung provide a little USB-looking device when you purchase your phone. You link up your old phone to the new one, download the Smart Switch app onto your Samsung device, set up a Samsung account, and then follow the prompts on the Samsung phone. It reads your old phone for all of the data that you have on there, and you can then choose what you want to transfer over. For example, I decided to leave my 46K photos on my iPhone instead of clogging up my Note9 with them.

Side note: I was really worried about everything that I had stored and was paying to keep on iCloud. I was advised by one of the Samsung product trainers to switch everything over to Google Photos, which is a much cheaper (mostly free if you aren’t ridiculous with photos like me) and is a safer place to keep everything. Unfortunately for me, my iCloud actually got corrupted and wiped the week after I moved to New York. Bear in mind that incredibly homesick at this point and losing all of my photos and videos was actually seriously upsetting. I had lots of photos and videos of a friend who passed away on it, and had so many different memories that were just deleted and couldn’t be retrieved. I would have been upset regardless, but the homesickness defintiely enhanced my emotions. Anyway, just something to bear in mind that is very possible, so Google Photos is a much safer bet from what people keep telling me.

Some helpful articles to help move over to Samsung that I found are below. The first one has really good visuals so you can follow along easily!

Here,  and here.

So, as part of my ambassadorship, I am going to be using and updating you on how I get on with the following 3 products. I’ve also listed some of the features on them that I am really excited about…

The Samsung Note9

  • You can have a video for your home & lock screen – perfect for cute clips of the dogs
  • Dual Bluetooth sound – you can listen to music from your phone on more than one device when connected to Bluetooth (laptop / wireless headphones etc)
  • The SPen – it’s a bluetooth enabled pen that has built in intelligence for so many brilliant features like taking photos, writing on your phone like a note pad, and more
  • The camera – I’ll show you as I use it more, but it’s literally amazing so far! Check out my Insta-stories for some gorgeous portraits of Geoff & Harry!
  • The camera can tell you to retake a photo if the first one looks blurry or if someone has their eyes closed
  • Eye recognition is amazing, you just look at your phone and it unlocks without touching anything

The Galaxy Smart Watch

  • A daily wellness manager is integrated into it
  • Sleep tracking – so excited for this to help me get into a good routine and nighttime habits
  • Exercise tracking  – you can keep track of your progress on loads of different workouts
  • It is connectable via bluetooth to wireless headphones & music
  • News updates can be sent every morning to your watch
  • Phone notifications come through if you want them to
  • There is an option to track your heart rate and weight

The Tab S4

This is going to be amazing when it comes to any meetings that I might have, that would typically require my laptop.

  • You can use the tablet as a writing pad while it is locked with the pen that comes with it. It then saves into your notes. I write faster than I type since my whole finger accident a few years ago, so this is a big plus for me
  • You can attach a keyboard to type if you prefer that
  • The screen optimisation is amazing for video
  • The battery life lasts up to 16 hours with video playback so it’s perfect for travelling and watching Netflix on a plane, for example

My pros and cons to date & my experience so far

I always promise to keep things very honest on here, so what better way to show that then by talking through the pros and the cons of my experience so far. No experience is without cons, let’s face it!


  • Seamless switch from iOS
  • The camera is incredible
  • The watch is so sleek and pretty, I love wearing it
  • The fact that the watch connects to earphones – I’ve never had a smart watch before so I don’t know if this is typical but I love this feature
  • The tablet is really light and very easy to carry around
  • The battery life on all of the devices is life changing – (joke) but it’s really making a difference to me. I would typically have 3 portable chargers in my bag for when my phone would die 3 times a day!
  • When apps are updating, they do so in the background, so you can still use them!


  • The emojis! They’re too cartoony/animated for me, but look, I’ll get over it!
  • After being SO used to using an iPhone for so many years, I am a bit slow off the mark with navigating around. Although with that said, I have improved a lot after a few days.
  • I found when I first began with the Samsung, I couldn’t understand what the different sounds were telling me. Initially the notifications for ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING were turned on and I needed to search YouTube for how to turn them off. Now I am at peace. It’s not hard, but like my previous point, it’s just tricky to navigate when you are unfamiliar. It’s like driving a different car, you know how to do it, but it just takes cutting out a few times before you’re comfortbaly crusing down the N7, you know?!


Anyway, thank you for reading, and if you are someone who is toying with the idea of switching like me then I hope this has been helpful. Similarly, if you are someone who has already switched and know of some cool tips or tricks, let me know! Thank you so much to Samsung for inviting me on board as one of your brand ambassadors, I’m so excited to be involved & I hope I do you proud!

Niamh x

*A huge thank you to Samsung for partnering with me on this post.

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