A Typical Day of Eating For Me

Good morning! I hope everyone’s week is going well. Things are getting extra busy and extra exciting here in New York between work and the Summer creeping up. I’m determined now more than ever though to keep my healthy eating and fitness on track, last week was a bit of a disaster so I feel as though I’m starting afresh. About two weeks ago I was testing the water on Snapchat to see if there was much interest in me sharing a typical day of eating with the macronutrient breakdowns of each meal (see more about that here). 

I was pleasantly surprised that there actually was a huge amount of people who seem to be interested and on the same wave length as me when it comes to trying to track food intake, so I decided to put it all into one post. I know that to some people it may seem a bit extreme and takes the enjoyment out of eating, but to be honest, I’ve never enjoyed my food more. I think that when you have fitness goals or just some problem areas at the forefront of your mind, it’s easy to feel a bit guilty when it comes to eating certain foods. At least when you know what is, and what isn’t within your guidelines for that day, you can swap in something else, or just enjoy whatever it is that you want, without the guilt. I think that so far for me, I’ve found that it’s allowed me to be more flexible with what I want to eat, which is brilliant! It allows you to enjoy the treats that you need for your sanity whilst not overeating or compromising on your fitness goals.


I’m without a doubt a creature of habit. Breakfast these days for me is looking like the following:

40g of Flahavans Oats, 1 scoop of MyProtein Soy Protein Isolate (I opted for soy protein because when I use whey protein, my skin breaks out like nothing I’ve ever seen before – NOT good!), 1 Cup of Cashew Milk, MyProtein Flavor Drops (toffee or vanilla) and three egg whites on the side.


It’s always a variation of the below…

1 salmon fillet with a mixed green salad & broccoli


2 Boca vegan burgers, 1 thin pita pouch, mixed greens with ketchup & mustard


If I haven’t had my burgers that day then it’s usually…

2 Boca vegan burgers with boiled broccoli & cauliflower


A 3 egg omelette with mushrooms and onions


A veggie stir fry


My favorite meals of the day!

1 Quest Bar


MyProtein cookie (white chocolate & almond favor is unreal, stay away from the double chocolate chip – not so good, and it smells a bit funny!)

170g of Fage Yoghurt, MyProtein flavor drops, 2 tablespoons of nut butter

An apple or some blueberries & raspberries

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m really trying so hard to avoid eating meat whilst I’m here. I just don’t trust it! To be honest, I thought I would miss it more than I actually do, but thankfully New York is somewhere that genuinely has an option for everyone on the food scene. You can be as healthy or as unhealthy as you like!

Trying to be organised with food Monday to Friday is all well and good, but at the end of the day I’m in New York and I fully intend on enjoying the food and company that I have here. If the option to eat out midweek or over the weekend came up, I usually just try and pick the macro friendly version depending on what I’ve already eaten that day. Although usually at the weekend I’ll go all out with some greasy food, it’s all about balance after all! 🙂

I hope this post was useful for a few people!

Niamh x

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  1. May 11, 2016 / 2:14 pm

    You’re dead right think being organised for the week makes a big difference to staying on track with a healthier diet.

    Love your blog

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