Veja – Transparent, Organic & Fair Trade Sourcing

Veja is a brand that will most likely be one of the first to crop up when you think of transparency & ethics. Based in France, they are a brand of ecological and fairtarde footwear and accessories.

I really wanted to get my hands on a pair when I first started opening my eyes to what was actually happening in the world of fast-fashion. I wish I could personally do more when it comes to what I purchase, but at this point in time, I am someone who can’t avoid the highstreet. I have personally committed to avoiding the main culprits when it comes to fast fashion, but I also want to go as eco-friendly as possible when I can. It’s all well and good avoiding the bad guys, we need to focus on and support the really good guys even moreso. If we do this (and shout about it), hopefully more people will follow suit. I defintiely do not have the biggest audience in the world, by any means. But it’s like a something clicked with me over the summer, and I really started to feel a sense of responsibilty in what I promote online.

Veja - Transparent, Organic & Fair Trade Sourcing

Veja - Transparent, Organic & Fair Trade Sourcing

The materials that Veja use are for the most part eco-friendly. Using these materials helps to reduce climate impact, and the amount of chemicals and water used in production.

Veja have a selection of Vegan shoes, and they’re really fab so defintiely have a look if this is important to you.

In terms of labour, they have incredibly robust codes of conducts which they monitor closely. They source workers from high risk countries where labour abuse is rampant, but they are trying to address these issues head on. They ensure that these workers receive a living wage in these countries where it is so uncommon. You can rest assured that some poor unfortunate family on the other side of the world isn’t suffering while you enjoy cost effective footwear.

I picked up my pair directly from the Veja website a few weeks ago. Don’t worry if you do the same and you don’t get a confirmation email. I didn’t and assumed I had been scammed. Thankfully, they arrived a few days later. I checked my size beforehand in Brown Thomas, but as they didn’t have the colour I wanted, I ordered directly from the website. I’ve found them true to size in my experience. This is the exact pair that I have.

Veja – Transparent, Organic & Fair Trade Sourcing

They were pretty popular before, but Veja saw a major boost with Meghan Markle sporting her V-10s at the weekend. She wore them during her Royal Tour of Australia and it’s so brilliant to see an eco-friendly brand get such publicity.

Shop some of my favourite styles and colours below.

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